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 Nov 2nd, 2016 by OutdoorsFIRST 

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Late Fall Fishing Is Here!

It’s that time of year that we all look forward to when the big girls put the feedbag on. In this newsletter we will highlight some of the newest offerings along with a few tips to help you pursue the fish of your dreams. If you have questions we have some of the most proficient fishermen in the industry right here in the store who will be happy to assist you. Keep up with us and your fellow fishermen on our Twitter and Facebook feeds to see who’s catching the big ones, where, and how!

Live Bait Rigs

Sucker season is upon us. In stock you will find a complete selection of sucker/livebait rigs. We carry over 40 different styles of quickstrike sets and accessories to match your style and size of bait. Speaking of bait, if you’re fishing in northern Wisconsin this year we can assure you that we maintain a large supply of the freshest wild suckers in stock all the time. If you have special requirements or need a large supply for a group outing give us a call and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Multi Species Fishing

For those of you who do some fishing for other freshwater or saltwater fish, we haven’t forgotten you. Be sure to check our website and catalog for some unique and new offerings. In fact, we have taken early delivery of some new for 2017 lures from Rapala including the Shad Dancer and the Deep Husky Jerk in the Scatter Rap series. Exclusive to the Musky Shop we also have just acquired Super Shad Raps in 18 custom colors.

New Products
There are a number of new items that arrived prior to their scheduled 2017 release. We always strive to be on the cutting edge and bring in the most significant new gear as soon as we possibly can to give you the most competitive edge. Here are a few that have been lighting up the scene. 

One of the hottest lures on the scene has been the Supernatural Headlocks. We have been carrying the stock colors but have now added 5 new exclusive custom colors to our lineup.


Our friends at Savage Gear have been expanding their lineup of lures for trophy pike and musky fishing. Check out new additions to the line-thru series, new Lipsters, and coming soon (pre-order available for shipping soon) the exciting Burbot series.


On the bucktail front be sure to take a look at the new offerings from Violent Strike lures. The medium Extractor features an oversized single hook with a soft fluke style tail to make this bucktail virtually weedless.   
Also new in the category of hybrid bucktails is the Northmen Big Dirty. Think of an oversized bucktail with the added attraction of a spoon and you’ll be in the ball park!


Be sure to check our “Quicklinks” to find easy access to more info and order information on these and other featured products.

Jim’s Tips
As you know, November can be a very up and down month in terms of weather. In 2015 here in northern Wisconsin we were able to fish up to the end of the season. Most of our staff and many customers took advantage of our surprisingly late season to keep at it and the smiles on their faces told the story. Some monster fish were caught here in our area. A few years ago I was lucky enough to be in the boat with a family member who caught a supertanker during a snow storm. It was snowing sideways and we had to keep shoveling snow out of the boat! We ended up catching five muskies that day and lost a couple more!
With that being said, follow the Boy Scout motto and BE PREPARED! First of all, think “safety first”. Have plenty of warm clothing with you. Dress in layers. You can always remove a layer if necessary. Make sure you have extra supplies of gloves, mittens, hats, beanies, hand warmers, etc. If you get too wet or cold your day could be cut short. Consider not fishing alone and wear a flotation jacket and bib and life preserver. If someone happens to fall overboard a boarding ladder is nearly essential as it is very difficult to climb aboard with wet clothing and hypothermia is an immediate threat. If that is not available a good tip is to have the victim climb onto the back of the outboard motor and use the trim/tilt to lift him/her out of the water.
Some good lake locations to fish depend on what type of lake you’re fishing.  A primary spot would be break lines as muskies tend to roam up and down the break. To find their location in relating to break lines work the edges of the break line for a while. If you have success, keep at it. If you are not finding fish on the breaks try moving out a little deeper. Muskies will usually be near the break lines. One just needs to keep adjusting to find the fish and stay on them.
Pods of baitfish can be a good indicator of musky location as well. If you are marking baitfish on your locator I would consider fishing in and around the bait as muskies will most likely be in the area. 
November is not “run & gun” time. Try your best to figure out their location and keep working them. You will usually get at least one good feeding window throughout the day. Frequently this will be the warmest part of the day. 
Be sure to send us your fish pictures as we would love to hear about your success. Have fun the rest of the season and please let us know if we can be of service to you. From all of us at the Musky Shop, kind regards, and good fishing!
Jim Stewart

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