MCW Stocks Muskies in Lac La Belle & Pewaukee

 Nov 2nd, 2016 by OutdoorsFIRST 

Modified Nov 2nd, 2016 at 12:00 AM

MCW was able to stock a small number of muskies into two area lakes: one we fish very hard, Pewaukee; and the other is Lac La Belle. Lac La Belle is part of the Oconomowoc River system we have put our emphasis behind. This was another joint muskie stocking effort between our club and the Milwaukee Chapter of Muskies, Inc. (MCMI) These small stockings were made to insure we stocked some of the 2016 year class with hopes of a really big push for another successful stocking of yearling muskies into Okauchee next spring IF we can get fish. 

At 10 am on September 23, the Gollon Bait and Fish Farm truck rolled up to the Lac La Belle launch. 150 fish were delivered, 100 for MCW and 50 for MCMI. Meeting the truck and prepared for action were: Rich Garner, Terry “T-Bone” Jahnke and Thomas Murphy. Rich Garner’s perspective as told to MCW president Scott Wilkie: “When I left the house with the boat that morning it was misting outside and by the time I got to Pewaukee on Highway 94 it was pouring buckets and miserable. I drove on to Oconomowoc through the rain and when I arrived at the Lac La Belle boat launch it was only drizzling so I launched and for the most part the rain had stopped. 

Soon I was met there by T-Bone [Terry Jahnke] and Thomas [Murphy]. Thomas launched his rig too, so we had two boats for distribution. Greg Godfrey from Gollon [Bait and Fish Farm] pulled in with the tank truck and we went to work. TBone and I had several coolers so we were able to take quite a few muskies out in one trip. We took about 120 fish and spread them throughout the lake looking for weeds. Thomas took the other 30 or so large fingerlings and distributed them. We found some weeds on the East End near the dam, the boat launch, and around the island. I was pleasantly surprised that several of the fish were well over 10 inches and probably ten percent were over a foot! Some were as long as 15 inches!” Rich Garner and Greg Godfrey stocking muskies. 

The Gollon truck moved on, and at shortly after 11 am arrived at the City of Pewaukee ramp, next to Smokey’s Muskie Shop. 250 fish: 100 MCW, 50 MCMI, and 100 Three Charlie’s (Smokey’s). At this drop off spot, MCW members John Donald, Mike Phelps and Greg Sieren went to work on distribution. At approx 12:30 pm the Gollon truck departed Pewaukee and headed south for two stockings on the Fox River near Tichigan for a joint muskie stocking project between MCMI and Racine and Kenosha Counties. Greg Sieren put on his MCMI hat and led the way. MCW is not part of this project but we thought you would like to know where other local muskie stocking is happening. We thank MCMI for the fish they added to both Pewaukee and La Belle, and commend their efforts in Racine and Kenosha Counties

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