2001 PMTT Fantasy Challenge Results

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 Dec 28th, 2001 by OutdoorsFIRST 

Modified Dec 28th, 2001 at 12:00 AM

Sometimes speed counts.Greg Burdzinski of Mississauga, ON won the 2001 MuskieFIRST Fantasy Challenge in a tiebreaker determined by who had entered their picks first. Burdzinski and Eyesore both picked one correct placement and two other top-ten teams in the 2001 PMTT Championship held on Pewaukee Lake. They both had 55 points and it came down to who posted first. Burdzinski posted 9/27/2001 at 7:30pm and Eyesore posted on 10/3/2001 at 10:00am Burdzinski won two guided fishing days and an Aurora custom muskie rod. His winning formula was consistency; he scored points in every event throughout the season, then scored big at the end when he needed it most. Eyesore finished 2nd and recieved an assortment of baits, leaders and bucktails for his effortsKrappie and ‘Cast N Blast’ finished in a tie for 3rd with 40 pts. Krappie won the tie-breaker by one hour and 20 minutes and recieved a St. Croix Rod t-shirt. Top 20 Fantasy Challenge participants were:1) Greg B 140pts 2) Eyesore 135pts 3) Cast n blast 115pts 4) EsoxsMD 110pts 5) Dobserver 95pts 6) Larry Jones 95pts 7) Jackpot 90pts 8) Angus 85pts 9) Setme31 80pts 10) Fishing fool 70pts 11) B420 70pts 12) Krappie 70pts 13) SpongeBob 65pts 14) Musky Allen 60pts 15) Rob Meyers ST.Croix rod 50pts. 16) The Handyman 50pts 17) Coz629 40pts 18) Firstsix feet 30pts 19) Buddy Solberg 30pts 20) Esox69 30pts

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