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 Dec 4th, 2002 by OutdoorsFIRST 

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Jason_Smith: Dave Dorazio…..Thank you for coming to MuskieFIRST. Please tell me how to catch a 50″ muskie out of the Chip Flowage my life will be complete..hahaha……welcome …let the questions fly!!!!MCR: Dave, did you do well during the August bonanza this year?DaveD: Jason, there was a 49 incher caught on a rock bass this season…you could try that!ESOX_Maniac: Dave- What’s the Chip’s main forage based for Muskies?ToddM: How was your season this year Dave?DaveD: MCR< moved some good fish, had some chances, boated some decent fish, but not Moby MuskyDaveD: EM, suckers, bullheads, perchESOX_Maniac: I guessed- bullheads after seeing the tooth marked cat photo.DaveD: ToddM, can't complain, just under 100 legals, could have been bigger thoughjlong: Dave, any general rules you follow to dictate whether to hit the weeds or wood first?DaveD: jlong, if there are good green weeds, I always prefer them to woodDaveD: During summer periodDaveD: Fish wood more in spring and fall, when weeds aren't as healthyjlong: When the weeds are down... what do you do then?MCR: Was last season some kind of record for high water levels on the chip?DaveD: MCR, I don't know if anyone keeps track, but the water levels were high on all the lakes all summer up hereMCR: seemed to do the fishing good. Do you agree?h2os2t: Dave What depth range do you usually fishMark_H_: Tail spinners on Boo-Tails...any preference to when..? and why..?JalapenoPopper: Dave, have you read Larry Ramsell's most recent article in Musky Hunter Magazine about catch and release? I think he's advocating not taking a muskie out of the water for a picture. Care to comment?DaveD: h2os2t mainly 2 to 8 feet during summer Mark, sometimes they seem to helpDaveD: Popper, haven't read it yet, but it's probably a good idea, especially in hot weatherDaveD: Mark, first year I try tail spinners, I had a LOT of action on them, since then, not as goodjlong: Dave, do you just prefer to fish in the 2-8 foot zone on the chip... or is there more to it than that?DaveD: jlong, more to itjlong: care to explain?MCR: Is it the weeds?DaveD: MCR, I do key on certain weedsESOX_Maniac: Dave what do you use for landing the fish, net, cradle or hand land?Jason_Smith: I know last year the hot top water on the flowage was the patriot to raider....What was the new thread this year.....?DaveD: EM, big net!JalapenoPopper: Dave, I noticed that as the muskie season progressed, you had more sponsor stickers on your Tuffy. When do you land the lucrative Doral sponsorship?DaveD: Jason, did well on black top raider, zz topper, and pacemakerDaveD: Popper, I can dream!!!!jlong: Do the bogs on the chip offer any opportunities?DaveD: EM, tried a cradle once, didn't like it, will land smaller fish by handESOX_Maniac: Which do you throw more of. top, cranks, twitch, jerks gliders, bucks?DaveD: jlong, lots of little fishies by the bogsMCR: Where do you guide out of now? I noticed the guides don't really hang at Hermans anymore.jlong: Are there BIG fishies there eating up the little fishies????DaveD: EM, almost all bucks and surface from mid June through mid Sept.DaveD: MCR, I still fish sometimes out of Herman's also the other resorts.DaveD: jlong, something has to eat the little fishies!DaveD: Mark, talked to him early this morning to set up a time to come down in Apriljlong: How about the suspended crappies? Will you ever venture beyond the 8 foot zone and try to establish such a pattern?DaveD: jlong, bogs can be tough to fish, but worthwhile at timesMCR: Dave, did you catch any off that little bog stuck on little Pete's this year?jlong: Tough as in presentation or just overall tough fishing around the bogs?DaveD: jlong, don't usually find crappies suspending, except by cribs in summer, muskies seem to hold below them, deepJason_Smith: What makes Pete's bar so special...It continues to produce year after year.....Scott Jenkins fish for example?DaveD: MCR, lost a BIG fish on Little Pete's by the bogDaveD: jlong, only room for one caster to make parallel castsMCR: I caught a small one thereDaveD: Jason, LOTS of muskies!!!!!!!!DaveD: Its a big bar with lots of good weedsplitzzz: Dave, how fast do you run your topraiders? How do you feel about having the weight broke in side some say that this is good?ToddM: Dave, do you fish mostly the east side or west side?DaveD: There were a lot of fish, some big ones on Pete's this yearDaveD: plitzz, fairly fast until dark, then slower. Loose weight doesn't bother meDaveD: Todd, bothRabid_Perch: Dave, what is the current status of the 45" min limit voted on last year for the chipDaveD: Todd, grew up on west side, I may favor itMCR: Sand was hot last year tooESOX_Maniac: Dave is Ms. Moby Muskie swimming in the Chip or is it all hype?ToddM: Do you feel the pike have impacted the musky on the chip? Are they getting decent sized?DaveD: Perch, as far as I know, it will go into effect this spring...finally!!!!!!!!!DaveD: EM, some BIG fish out there!!!jlong: Dave.. you say mostly bucks and topwater during warm water. What do you favor after turnover?DaveD: Todd, pike are good forage, don't seem to spawn in same areas as the muskies, so hopefully they won't hurt the populationDaveD: jlong, jerks and MEATDaveD: jlong, I know you don't like to fish suckers...you're missing out big timeToddM: When the chip blooms heavily, do you have to search for clearer areas or does that not bother you?fish_on: do you burn the bootails or fish them slower?DaveD: Bloom doesn't get bad like LOTW, so it doesn't bother meToddM: a sucker put the biggest fish in our boat this yearDaveD: Don't burn the Bootails, go a bit slower. I have some theories on Boo speedJason_Smith: What is your favorite moon phase.....new or full?DaveD: Jason, Lots more fishermen during prime moon phases!jlong: Dave, how deep do you soak your suckers? Still in the 2-8 foot zone or do you get 'em down more?DaveD: jlong, fishing deeper in fall, so I keep one sucker near boat, one near bottomESOX_Maniac: Dave- What type of sucker rig do you use?ToddM: Dave, do you find that a slower moving bucktail is better in stained water than a burned one?DaveD: Jason, I don't really follow the moon times, I'm fishing every day anywayRick_S: DaveD, what is your theory on boo-speed?DaveD: EM, a modified lift-off rigDaveD: Todd, you're on to somethingDaveD: Todd, something real key to big fishJason_Smith: Modified lift off.......modified...how?[Mark_H_: Chartreuse or Green for stained water..?ESOX_Maniac: What size suckers do you use?DaveD: Jason, I make them myself, can't use the term lift-off, Pete will kick my as#DaveD: Mark, Green blade is hot on Chip, I put on a chart. blade when I fell the first raindropDaveD: EM, 14"ESOX_Maniac: Do you hit them as soon as they grab the sucker?DaveD: Because the Hayward guides don't wear thongs like the guides in RhinelanderDaveD: EM, I hit them ASAPjlong: Rumor has it you have been trolling lately. Any reason?DaveD: jlong, at end of October, couldn't get suckers bigger than 12", so I tried trollingESOX_Maniac: Whats your favorite time of day?jlong: What's the verdict?ToddM: Dave do you like chartreuse better than orange in stained water? This year on the Flambeau, chartreuse was key and in lowlight too on any waterDaveD: EM, in summer, mornings and evenings, if it's sunnyDaveD: Todd, both orange and chartDaveD: jlong, it's not as easy as I thought, messed around with it a few years back, got a 30+ lb. fish. There is more to it than you thinkbuddysolberg: If you couldn't fish the Chip, what lakes within 60 miles would you hit?DaveD: buddy, I fish about 30 lakes in the area besides the ChipOneida_Esox: Dave. do you find many fish in the timber???jlong: Do you feel that learning to troll is worth the effort?DaveD: jlong, yesJason_Smith: jlong.....OH YESToddM: resounding yesDaveD: jlong, but we have lakes you can troll hereOneida_Esox: can't say that in Vilas and Oneida Co.!!!MCR: Dave, I was describing a fish I saw off eagles nest to a guy and he said I saw "goldie", do they really name a specific fish or is that all bs?Jomusky: can troll Green Bay and tributariesjlong: tributaries?DaveD: MCR, some guys do, some guys name everything including their...never mindJomusky: rivers....like marinette, fox, sturgeon bay, ocontoDaveD: Twist n Shout, we saw your Dad on TV!!!!!!!Rabid_Perch: Dave, what sport shows will you be at this yearShep: How was Siss for you this year Dave?DaveD: perch, definitely Milwaukee Musky Expo, probably Chicago and MplsDaveD: Shep, disappointing until fallShep: and then?ToddM: DaveD do you fish any of the smaller flowages just east of the chip?DaveD: Shep, OKDaveD: Todd, Maybe!fish_on: DaveD, do you have anything to share on what to do on the days you can't move fish?jlong: Dave, is there any current in the chip?DaveD: fish_on, drink heavily?!?!DaveD: Actually, try a jerk baitShep: Work his client to death!DaveD: jlong, some, especially during a drawdownjlong: does it present any opportunities?ToddM: Do they do any severe drawdowns anymore?DaveD: jlong, occasionallyRabid_Perch: Dave, you still throwing your lucky orange suick or is it too chewed upDaveD: Todd, not so bad the last few yearsjlong: How do you know when to look for it?DaveD: perch, orange Suick is named "Evil Kneval", one of 2 named baits I own, it's still going strongESOX_Maniac: DaveD do you fish the old river channels?Rabid_Perch: whats the other named baitDaveD: jlong, keep an eye on water fluctuationTheedz: so your one of those name everything guys DaveD??jlong: Where to you look when it happens? River channel? Narrows? Others?DaveD: EM, yes, at times perch, a yellow Suick that my son calls "Old Blue"MCR: Do you have any good sources for info as to when a drawdown will occur?MCR: Are they scheduled or random?DaveD: Theedz, just Suicks and other smaller baits!!!!Theedz: heard that about you.Jomusky: I name my baits....like one eye pete......al my baby depthraiders with missing eyesDaveD: MCR, no schedule that I know ofToddM: Does it affect the weed growth, some great looking spots seem void of weedsDaveD: MCR, usually a drawdown just before the canoe races in OjibwaESOX_Maniac: Dave - Are the old channels well marked on the maps like Hot Spots or is it a matter of time on the water to find them?MCR: thanksDaveD: Todd, I think the winter affects weed growthDaveD: EM, they are marked on the maps, but you still have to look for themToddM: Do you ever get fish from the deeper sunken bogs?Steve_Van_Liesho: How accurate do you think the maps are? 90%,70%, 50%?DaveD: Todd, have gotten a few while walleye fishing in spring, don't know if there's a good way to fish themDaveD: SVL, 70+%, they are pretty goodJason_Smith: Dave, Was spring a jerkbait, glidebait, small bucktail or twicthbait bite...mostlyToddM: Dave, what glide baits do you like on stained water?MCR: I bet it's the eddie baitDaveD: Jason, mostly small bucks, but did Ok on 6" Slammer, RED DRAGON!Jason_Smith: What is your website?GregM: Slammer Red Dragon YES, got a 42 with it on LOYW, good baitDaveD: Todd, 6" Reef HawgSteve_Van_Liesho: Dave, is the Red Dragon insured?DaveD: SVL, I keep it in a briefcase, chained to my wrist!DaveD: Jason, website is www.bootails.comToddM: Besides the suick do you like any other jerkbaits?Jason_Smith: Dave, will the chip get the 50" size limit?DaveD: Todd, used to use Bobbie a lot, like 6" Reef HawgESOX_Maniac: Dave would you like to see it higher than 50? If so what?GregM: 45" passed, DNR guy at our Musky Inc meeting last mondayDaveD: Jason, I hope so, but I doubt it, too much resistanceJason_Smith: So 45" passed....goodToddM: I think when the 45 takes effect it will be easier to get it to 50ChadG: where is the resistance from?DaveD: EM, For me, I'd like it to be total release, see what happensMike_Morse: I heard Ty was making headway upping the limit, although I think beyond 45" will be near impossible. Resort owners will resist further.DaveD: Chad, resort and property ownersDaveD: Mike, I agreeplitzzz: DaveD do you add lead to your 6" reefhawgs? how much?Steve_Worrall: 45", hmm. Neither Jason or Dave are legal there now..DaveD: plitzz, noToddM: Dave, do you like to modify any baits?DaveD: Todd, YES!!!Oneida_Esox: Steve, its cold out and there high winter boots boost them to 46 inchesplitzzz: do you soak themToddM: platform pack bootsDaveD: plitzz, glidersbuddysolberg: Our lake assoc. passed a 40" limit that now needs to be put on the ballot and approved at the Price Co. DNR hearings.Steve_Worrall: Dave, what rod/reel combo is your personal favorite/plitzzz: yes hawgsplitzzz: suicks?ChadG: DaveD was the black and green good this year on the chipDaveD: Steve, 7' St. Croix Avid with Calcuttas 250 reel, 50# Cortland SpectronRabid_Perch: Dave, you should post a picture of your modification to suick hooks....to tough to describe in hereDaveD: Chad, excellent!ChadG: i heard thatDaveD: plitzz, i don't soak the Suicks, I want them buoyantToddM: Dave does the levelwind disengage while casting a 250? Does that cause uneven spooling?Mike_Morse: Dave, then set a side a black with green for Milwaukee this year.Oneida_Esox: best bootail ever made is gold over pinkTheedz: OE, and here i thought you liked the blk/grn i gave ya....Jomusky: OE.....the pink manOneida_Esox: that is 2nd bestjlong: No no no OE... Pink over white!DaveD: Todd, yes, but it doesn't get uneven because spool is narrowOneida_Esox: Pink over white hasnt scored like the gold and pinkTheedz: Dave, better save 2 of those blk/grn ones. I need a new one.Jason_Smith: Dave Dorazio....always a pleasure.....Thank you for coming and answering all of our questions. We will all check out www.bootails.com and see what goodies you have in there. See you at the shows!

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