Pick Your Favorite Jigging Spoon and Set the Hook!

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 Dec 30th, 2013 by OutdoorsFIRST 

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Pick your Favorite Jigging

 Spoon and Set the Hook!

Shallow depths in the evenings bring pike like this.

Fishing remains strong, sometimes even “double fisted” strong!

Frying pans are full with limits of eater sized fish and consistent numbers of trophy walleyes this week. 22-25 or 28-32 feet of water is the spot to be. Jig with a glow red or gold Gemini, Buckshot, Stop Sign or your favorite jigging spoon tipped with a minnow head or tail.  In the dead stick hole, pink, gold and glow jigs tipped with live minnow 6″ off bottom.  Big pike still being caught in shallower depths.

On the Rainy River, there is now up to a foot of ice in fishing areas. Houses are doing well in 18-21 feet of water using gold and glow colored jigs tipped with minnows. Afternoons and evenings producing the most active bite.
Up to 22″ of ice on the lake, with 12-15 inches of snow. Resorts with plowed roads are letting out full size vehicles and trucks, and up to 21′ wheeled houses. Use resorts as guides and stay on plowed paths as fluctuating weather causes shifts in the ice. All snowmobile trails staked, groomed and ready.

The NW Angle has been HOT in 19-23 feet of water using bright colors such as gold, pink, and chartreuse. Lots of perch mixed in with walleye and sauger limits. Crappie anglers doing very well with fish up to 15″.  Up to 20 inches of ice in most areas.  
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Enjoy “Poor Man’s Lobster”

and Smoked Tulibee


Up at Lake of the Woods, walleyes and saugers definitely attract the majority of attention.  There are a couple of species, often caught in good numbers while fishing for walleyes that have gained popularity as table fare.

Eelpout or burbot is a fresh water cod found in Lake of the Woods, but most know it as “poor man’s lobster.” Burbot is loved for its light and flaky texture, and great flavor! Broil, grill, or boil the backstraps.

A popular recipe.  Cube the backstraps and boil in Seven Up or salt water.  Dip the small pieces of fish in melted butter.  Many believe this tastes almost like lobster, hence the name “poor man’s lobster”.

Tulibee is another under appreciated treat on LOW! As a member of the whitefish family, the tulibee can come across as a smelly nuisance. On the contrary, many enjoy its light, white meat pickled or smoked. Remove the head, guts, and blood pocket, marinate in saltwater for 24 hours, smoke and enjoy!  A nice addition the daily catch of walleyes and saugers.

Lake of the Woods Tourism

 Website…An Easy Way to

 Find Lodging and Fish


Ice fishing is in full swing and the fish are biting.  If your favorite resort is full the dates you have available, don’t fret, there are options.

For a list of Lake of the Woods resorts, fish house providers, etc, Click Here

If you are looking to book lodging at Lake of the Woods and don’t feel like calling around or it is last minute, try our lodging availability finder.  Simply enter in what part of the lake or river you want to stay, how many people and dates.  Your request is emailed to all the lodging facilities in the geographic region you choose.  Resorts will respond back to your email with availability.

Check out our  LODGING page to search out different lodging options and a list of amenities.

Facebook Fans Appreciate “Up to the Minute” Info

Facebook Fans, enjoy pictures, videos, area events, ice conditions, current fishing reports and more on Lake of the Woods Tourism Bureau’s Facebook page. 

Click Here to check out the official Lake of the Woods Tourism Facebook page, and then  click Like.

Snowmobile Trails staked,

 groomed and open

Lake of the Woods has literally hundreds of miles of beautiful groomed and staked trails. Check out our website for trail maps in LOW!

Decide what part of the lake you want to stay, lodge room or cabin and make your plan!  Let us know if we can assist.  Call us at (218) 634-1174 or email at [email protected].

With Great Bite

Fish Frys in Full Gear

A tradition up at Lake of the Woods are the fish frys.  Come up and experience world class fishing “just like the good old days” and celebrate after with a great meal of fresh walleyes and sauger.

Some groups use the fish cleaning houses at the resort they are staying at to clean their catch.  Others let the guides do the cleaning.

As far as the fish fry, cook your own in your cabin or have a resort cook them for you.  Many resorts will cook up your fresh catch with all the sides we have come to love with a fish fry.   Click Here for info on Resorts at Lake of the Woods.

Resorts Offering Reasonable Rates 


The area offers some very reasonable lodging to fit your budget.  Click Here for a complete list of resorts and hotels.

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