Perch Patrol Fishing Report For Sunday, January 19th, 2014

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 Jan 20th, 2014 by OutdoorsFIRST 

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What a crazy week it was.  First of all, we would like to offer our sincere apologies for the lack of service that Amtrak has given us this past week.  We had customers that couldn’t make it here because of a train derailment on the line that Amtrak runs on.  We can understand a derailment from another train can cause problems.  BUT, in our 19 year history, we have never experienced the problems we have had to endure with getting our Perch Express customers here on time or in some cases here on the same day.  Things must get better with the train or we are going to have to explore other options.  Sad to see but enough trips have been ruined because of the train.  We do not know all the reasons why they are having so much trouble but we are exploring them and desperately want answers.  We will keep you posted when we find out more information.

There, the rant is over!  The fishing was excellent at times, poor at times, and mediocre at times as well.  A lot had to due with the weather.  We have kind of seen it all this week from beautiful sunny skies, to extreme cloudiness, temperatures in the high 30’s to temps in the – 20 below zero range.  Plus a midweek storm that gave us gusty winds to 65 MPH.  When the weather was good, so was the fishing and when the weather was bad, the perch seemed to stay belly to the bottom and didn’t seem very interested in eating.  So we turned our focus to walleye fishing for a couple of these days and it paid off Big time!  Limits of beautiful walleyes were caught by our customers and believe it or not it was challenging to talk them back in to perch fishing once the weather straightened out.

Needless to say, it was a crazy week.

Our best perch fishing is still happening in the basin.  Depths anywhere from 42 to 48 feet of water.  Still catching most of our fish on Northland Buckshot Rattle spoons, Haili’s, and the new bomb spoon made by Clam Outdoors.  Minnow heads, waxies, perch eyes, and maggots, are all working.

Ice conditions and Snow conditions:

Ice continues to grow and I can’t even tell you an accurate measurement because I haven’t measured for a while.  You don’t need extensions yet but probably will in the not so distand future.  Our luck continues with the lack of snow on Devils Lake.  There is some snow but it is still hard as a rock.  We do still see bare ice in places.  Four wheel drive vehicles are making it around no problem.

Our schedule is very full.  Other than a day or two that we can take two people we are full until February 10th.  We do have some room between Feb. 10 thru Feb. 28.  It is best to call for availability.  March is filling fast as well.

Have a great week Everybody!

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