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 Aug 7th, 2015 by OutdoorsFIRST 

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PLANO, IL (July 29, 2015) – Social media proves it: they exist. Less than a decade ago, such middle-earth creatures were confined to corner booths in taverns with yellowed lighting and peanut-shell-encrusted floors. They spoke of tiptoeing on first ice and damned summer solstice. Now, these once blasphemous conversations are held openly on Facebook and Tweeted so everyone and their nosy neighbor can see them.

Seriously? Twitter?

Really? An ice-fishing Cro-Magnon on Facebook? Who’d have thunk…?

But it’s true. They’ve always loathed the dog days of summer and longed for first ice. And, going against the grain of an industry consumed with selling the last odd-sized crankbait and virtually unfishable jig colors, Frabill salutes you, the unblinking ice angler.   

Enter the King of the ice-fishing underworld, Brian “Bro” Brosdahl. Squirrelled away in the bowels of Noddingham, Minnesota, barricaded by No Trespassing signs, he openly waxes about ice fishing and his newest creation, the Bro Series Signature Hub Shelter.

“This is the hub-style shelter to end all debates about what’s number one. I hear more banter about who makes the best brand and model of hub than any other type of portable ice-fishing shelter.

“Finally, the answer is clear – the Bro Hub.”

Developed to his mind’s-eye and standards, the Bro Series Hub comfortably houses 2 to 3 Bro-sized anglers – the big guys. Offering 44.5-feet of fishable space and total dimensions of 80″L x 80″W x 80″H, the generously-sized shelter yields maximum space for electronics, heater, buckets and the all-too-critical hookset – even with today’s popular long rods.

Structurally, Frabill’s Bro Series Hub is a fortress of support beams and Superman fabric. The easily-collapsible and packable-frame system is the strongest on the market. The basecamp’s walls are constructed of durable 600-Denier poly and with a 900-Denier skirt for added hutzpah in the wear-and-tear zone.

“Fish houses get frozen in,” decried Bro. “No getting around it. But by adding tougher material around the perimeter, the skirt, the Bro Series Hub stands up to refrozen slush. Where other hubs fail when you pull the house loose at the end of the day, the Bro Series Hub stays in fine form.”

Not to be ignored on the fabric-front, the Bro Series Hub also features insulated walls and roof. “We all know that heat rises, and when it’s so windy snow falls sideways shelters struggle to perform. Not the case here – this house stays warm.” Bro noted that a small portable heater is all that’s required to create a jacket-off environment, too.      

How you transport the shelter was thoroughly considered as well. Remarkably, this beast packs up into an easy-to-carry duffel. Equipped with a full-length zipper, padded shoulder straps and a sternum strap to evenly distribute the weight, the Bro Series Hub is an easy haul.

And not be overlooked, scoring huge style-points, the Bro Series Shelter paints perfect pictures of its savvy, high-tech occupants. The digitized look was inspired by arctic military maneuvers and says you’re serious about catching fish.

So to all you ice-fishing fanatics, Frabill has your backs covered, and heated in comfort.

Bro Series Hub

Model 641320

    600-Denier poly walls and roof
    900-Denier skirt
    Insulated walls and roof
    Two easy-access, zippered doors
    Super-strength frame
    Fishable space: 44.5-feet
    Setup dimensions: 80″L x 80″W x 80″H
    Folded dimensions: 56″L x 10.375″W x 10.375″H
    Total weight: 36-pounds


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