Full Service Ice Fishing

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 Sep 8th, 2015 by OutdoorsFIRST 

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Full Service Ice Fishing

    by Rachel Krohn

Do you know how easy and care free it is to experience ice fishing on Lake of the Woods? Many of our resorts make it so easy to stay and play during the ice months.

Here is how it works: wake up in the morning and have a great breakfast. Then head out the 20 foot trek from the resort lodge to an already heated bombardier, van, or other transformed vehicle on tracks. After that you will ride in style with a transport system that very few others get to experience except on Lake of the Woods. Once you get to your house, it is another 10 foot jaunt to the already perfectly heated, set up, and drilled fish house and you are ready for the day! The guides will check on you a couple times throughout the course of your fishing extravaganza, pick you up and have you back into the resort just in time for happy hour and a great dinner. Your guide will clean and deliver your fish while you wind down from the day. You never have to worry about the weather or any other obstacle when you just use a resort.

Resorts also make it simple by using the American Plan. Pay one sum at the end of your stay. This includes lodging, meals, and fishing all in one instead of having multiple pesky tabs. Some will even provide equipment or lunches for you! Another great bonus…. some even provide a biffy or built on bathroom! Let’s not even get started on Sleeper Fish Houses!!

To learn more about the great experience of ice fishing, check out our Ice Fishing Page. Or to check out the resort, try our Lodging Page

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