Frabill Taps Ice Wizard Brian Brosdahl For One More Magic Trick

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 Nov 24th, 2009 by OutdoorsFIRST 

Modified Nov 24th, 2009 at 12:00 AM

Jackson, Wis. – Last winter, legions of anglers were treated to a specialized series of ice combos- rods and reels that shed like extensions of their jigging arm. Rod tips felt like fingertips. The reel became a clenched hand, transmitting lure quivers and fish activity like static electricity.

BroSeries Combo

The man behind these newly-tuned ice instruments? None other than Brian “Bro”Brosdahl,  an accredited mastermind of the ice. Together with industry leader Frabill, the team forged the “Bro Series”-the nest combination of fisherman-friendly rod and reel combos ever assembled for ice duty.

Among frozen water enthusiasts, the Bro Series combos upheld elite status. Rods sport blank-through handle construction, aluminum oxide guides, solid graphite blanks-the whole enchilada. Ditto for reels-3 plus 1 ball bearings, innite anti-reverse, machined aluminum spool, L/R ambidextrous handle, and exclusive Sub-Zero™ lube for liquid smooth performance to innity below zero.

Still, shy one frequently-requested length and action, the product line wasn’t yet complete.

“The development of the Quick-Tip concept has sharply enhanced our whole approach to easier ice angling,”says Bro. “It reacts to the pulsing of a live minnow, while translating the slightest kiss of a bluegill. Frabill really hit the bull’s eye with this one.”

For winter ’09-’10, the new kid on Bro’s block is a delicious 32-inch pansh combo, complete with Quick-Tip. “Last year’s reception to our 27-inch Quick Tip Pansh was phenomenal,”reports Frabill Marketing V.P., Je Kolodzinski. “Lots of anglers wanted a little longer rod, though; one they could use while open-air hole-hopping. The beauty is, this rod doubles as the perfect dead-stick.”

The new Bro Series 32-inch Quick-Tip Panfish sports everything the 27 does, and then some. It’s got a bit more muscle in the body for subduing big panfish hole-side. The rod sets hooks in deepwater like you’re driving a spike, too-a vital trait for deep basin crappies and perch. Plus, the Quick-Tip and extra length means you’ll have the measured give to keep fish pinned for the duration. “Measured give”equates to shock absorption, which cushions line and prevents slack and lost fish-a major dilemma with a lot of ice rods on the market. But not the Bro Series.

“These are high denition fishing tools,”Bro asserts. “You not only see the strikes on the rod tip, you feel them, too. I’m a big hookset guy, though. I love that about these combos-you can really drop the hammer on big fish.”

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