Fishings Light Saber Slashes with Steel and Glows Via LED

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 Nov 24th, 2009 by OutdoorsFIRST 

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Jackson, Wis. – Fishing is a game of choosing and applying the right set of tools. Rods, reels, line and hooks, for instance, remain absolute necessities. But what about that little detail called “presentation”? A ne, yet sturdy line tethered to an artfully simple glow jig-that’s the perfect recipe for a pile of fresh llets at your feet. And it’s where Frabill’s innovative LineSaber really shines. The whole process of presentation is enhanced exponentially with this singular compact device-one that couples line snipping with ashing and recharging phosphorescent lures.

Frabill’s LineSaber

“Frabill’s new LineSaber is like a light-saber on the lake,”quips Frabill Pro-Staer, Brian “Bro”Brosdahl, freshwater shing’s Jedi master. “Instead of carrying both a line cutter and a lure charger separately-one of which is never there when you need it-I just clip a LineSaber to my lifejacket or belt, and never miss a beat.”

This convenient, palm-sized shing tool sports a high-intensity LED that zaps a concentrated beam of light onto the tiniest lures, energizing phosphorescent surfaces like a hot coal. “The LineSaber shoots out the brightest beam I’ve ever seen on a lure-charger,”states Bro.

“Unlike the buttons on other lure-charging tools, a foolproof light switch assures that the Saber’s LED can’t be accidentally activated. That keeps batteries juiced for the long haul.”Another LineSaber advantage: batteries are easy to access and replace, assuring that this little gem will be with you for many seasons. Attached to any ‘O’or ‘D’ring or lanyard, your LineSaber is always handy. That translates into no downtime between bites.

“With a LineSaber at my ngertips, the bite becomes an exercise in eciency,”says perennially popular guide and Frabill pro, Captain Eric Haataja. “Catch, ash and recharge your jig, then catch another. Eventually, the bite slows and you’re retying a fresh jig color. LineSaber is there, precision steel blades slicing both mono and braided superline like a laser. It’s retractable, too. When you’re done cutting, the blades slide back into the handle where they’re out of the way. Slick!”

“Certainly, there’s nothing like this on the market,”summarizes Brosdahl. “These days, seems like every pastime has its multi-tool-for shing, LineSaber is it.”

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