Deadsticking for Walleyes While Ice Fishing – Video

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 Dec 25th, 2019 by Keith Worrall 

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Deadsticking for Walleyes While Ice Fishing Video

Deadstick rod on a bucket_Lake of the WoodsOne of the most simple techniques while ice fishing is live bait like a minnow on a hook underneath a bobber. When we refer to this method, it is often called the “Deadstick”. The reason it is called this is on Lake of the Woods, you can use two lines for ice fishing. A very common and effective strategy is to jig one line and deadstick or have a live minnow on a hook about 6″ to a foot off of the bottom. The deadstick refers to the line you let just sit and work with a live minnow. It is key to have both methods in play. When fish are active, the jigging line may be more effective. Sometimes when fish are in a more neutral mood, the deadstick will outfish the jigging line. Check out the Deadsticking for Walleyes While Ice Fishing Video below for some ideas.

There are many variations to usingdeadsticking for walleyes. Here are just a few…

1- Using a bobber – The most popular of methods is to use a bobber on a ice rod. Either a plain hook with a split shot sinker or using a spoon or another jig tipped with a minnow can be productive. Sometimes fish will prefer a dead minnow to a live one depending on the day. Using a bobber allows the fish to take some line before noticing it may be hooked. bobber in fish hole, Lake of the Woods
2- Using a rod with a flexible tip (as featured in this video) – Some anglers will set a rod just over the hole with either a sensitive rod tip or a spring bobber. When a fish is on the rod tip will bounce up and down or have a constant bend down into the hole. This technique can detect the slightest of bites often missed with a bobber. Be Careful as a big fish could rob you of a fishing pole. Some anglers will set their rod on a bucket or in a rod holder to prevent any rods down the hole. If you are actively fishing, laying it on the floor is normally fine.
3- Rattle Reels – This method is usually for permanent shacks but some anglers utilize these in portables as well by attaching them to buckets or stands. What they are is heavy line spooled around a wheel filled with bells or other noise making balls. When it rotates with a fish pulling line, noise is made for the angler to go over and catch the fish hand over hand.

Deadsticking for walleyes can be very effective if you pay attention to the nuances. Some ideas…

-Have one angler use a plain hook and another use an ice fishing jig

-Use a different kind of minnow

-Use a dead minnow

-Use a different kind of live bait like wax worms

-Elevate your offering a few feet off of the bottom

-Upsize or downsize

-Try jigging your deadstick frequently to get attention

Anglers fishing Lake of the Woods who pay attention to details using while deadsticking for walleyes will put more fish on the ice. The concept is simple, the nuances are everything!

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