Preparing For Your Return to The Outdoors

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 May 27th, 2020 by Keith Worrall 

Modified May 28th, 2020 at 8:48 AM

Preparing for your return to the outdoors.

Stuck at home during lockdown? Dreaming of the outdoors?

Planning that long camping adventure you’ve been promising yourself for years now?

While some of us might still be under COVID-19 based restrictions, it’s the perfect time to prepare, get everything in order and perhaps treat ourselves to some new gear! So, in a bid to help make your next trip in the outdoors more enjoyable, or perhaps just give you some inspiration for your preparations, we have put together a few ideas to get you started.

A hunting rifle

Photo Credit Hubert Stieve

Presuming this is legal where you are, we highly recommend that you invest some of your hard- earned money into a good hunting rifle. A decent .308 rifle (or similar) is a fantastic and versatile addition to your rack, effective at range and appropriate for a wide selection of targets.

A survival bag

From first aid materials to emergency blankets, dehydrated meals, backup navigation equipment and beyond, you should really be focusing your time and money on a decent “bare bones” survival bag. Something like this can really get you out of a jam when you’re out in the wild, we’ve all heard the stories… “if I didn’t have that duct tape I don’t know what we would’ve done”.

A cheap fishing kayak

Photo Credit Kal Visuals

While you might normally be satisfied with staying by the river bank, if you plan to incorporate fishing into your next outdoors trip, it might be worth looking at a cheap fishing kayak. These things are pretty low maintenance and really increase the amount of fishable water at your disposal. You also get easy access to parts of the terrain that previously would’ve been out of reach!


The best way at looking at this, is to ask yourself how many times have you regretted bringing your tools vs the number of times you would’ve killed for a good pair of pliers. From patching up a broken tent to fixing damaged cooking gear, a basic tool kit is a bit of a no-brainer whenever you have a large amount of gear with you. That being said, it’s a little shameful how often a lot of us seem to get caught short on this one!

A new tent

Photo By Pros4- 1Source

Make an investment in a good quality tent and you can make your next trip so much more enjoyable. Try and choose a tent that is 1-2 people larger than the party you would typically be travelling in, though. On top of the extra storage this affords you, it should go some way to giving you a more comfortable nights sleep which I think we can all agree is worth investing in!

Hopefully these ideas have given you inspiration and perhaps even got you excited for your next trip.

Stay prepared, stay safe and keep smiling!

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