Zona says it’s the Hap-Happiest Time of the Year

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 Mar 17th, 2011 by OutdoorsFIRST 

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Right here, right now, this time of the year, is a lot like the opening week of NFL football season for me.  I don’t care if you live near Lake Minnetonka, Minnesota where it’s 45-degrees, or Guntersville, Alabama where it’s 75-degrees – your head is swirling like a buck bass on a spawning bed with all things bass fishing. 

The Bassmaster Elite Series has begun, fish are spawning in the deepest parts of the southern U.S., and guys up north, and all parts in between, are planning their next bass fishing trip. It’s time, baby. It’s that magical time of the year.

I just finished covering the Elite Series opener at the Harris Chain of Lakes, and I’m getting ready to cover the next one that starts today on the St. Johns River, but bud, let me tell ya, and please don’t tell Jerry McKinnis, but all I can really think about is where the Z Train is headed fishing. 

Yep, I’m going somewhere.  I have no clue where. But, I’m going bass fishing. To me there’s nothing better than planning the next trip. The process of planning and packing tackle for the next excursion is addictive.  Do me a favor, get over to my Facebook page – “Zona’s Awesome Fishing Show” – and tell me what body of water I should fish next week when this derby on the St. Johns River concludes.  One rule:  I’m not going ice fishing.

Stephen Browning

Speaking of going places, dudes – please do yourself a favor – sign-up for a Boat US Angler Membership before you hit the road. Seriously, if you don’t spend the very affordable $38 to become a member and buy their Unlimited On-the-Road Towing service you’re putting yourself behind the eight ball.  It’s about peace of mind that comes from knowing somebody will be dispatched to help you if you have a dead battery, lock your keys in the truck, or have a broken leaf spring on your trailer. Plus, once you spend the $38 – you’re eligible to sign up for their Weigh-to-Win program which is a cash bonus program for tournament anglers.

I’ve had a handful of Elite Series anglers ask me if the BoatUS Angler Weigh-to-Win program is the real deal. One word: “Yes!” It’s as real as the $1,500 cash that KVD won at the Classic because he took the time to sign-up for BoatUS Angler, or as real as the $500 that one of the nicest guys in bass fishing, Stephen Browning, just won for finishing third at the Harris Chain.  Remember you don’t have to win the tournament to win the Weigh-to-Win money, but I’m warning you now – if Browning ever wins an Elite Series Event – I’m gonna cry tears of joy because I love that man.

Until next time, tell me where you think I should go fishing at my “Zona’s Awesome Fishing Show” page on Facebook. Because seriously, right now, that’s all I can think about.

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