Ocean Waves Sponsors the New Season of Tazin TV!

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 Jul 30th, 2022 by Keith Worrall 

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Ocean Waves Sponsors the New Season of Tazin TV!

All anglers leverage eyesight for success on the water. Whether tying the perfect knot, locating aquatic structure, or identifying submerged casting targets, clear vision under all conditions can make the difference between an average trip and one of epic proportions. Ocean Waves sunglasses – handcrafted in Atlantic Beach, Florida since 1979 – incorporate unprecedented technologies to forge premium eyewear that helps anglers connect with success. Now, Ocean Waves ventures to the rugged North – where leviathan lake trout and gargantuan pike test anglers’ tackle and their mettle – to partner with Tazin TV.

Tazin TV is set in scenic northern Saskatchewan, in the rugged stretch between Lake Athabasca and the Northwest Territories. Tazin Lake is regarded as one of the best lakes in the world for trophy lake trout. With depths ranging from 400-900 feet, the 25-mile by 10-mile lake has prolific structure for growing big fish. In recent years there have been lake trout caught near the world record mark of 72 pounds.

It’s also a big fish factory for northern pike with 5 rivers flowing in and out of the lake. Multiple 50″ fish have been caught on Tazin TV in recent years including one last year by Bret Amundson and two within 4 days by Trevor Montgomery in 2018.

After two years of closure due to the pandemic, the well-rested lake is exploding with giant fish. A new season of Tazin TV will be taking place with a number of high-profile guest appearances, targeting giant lakers and pike and exploring some unique history about the area.

They’ll also reveal some of their secrets on how they catch those big fish and why they stress sustainability on the resource by employing a strict catch-and-release policy on all their trophy fish.

Tazin Lake is your home for giant lake trout and pike, and Ocean Waves sunglasses are the best angling eyewear available – from their home in Florida to their newest field-proven location in far northwest Saskatchewan. See them in action on Tazin TV, working together to connect anglers with their fish of a lifetime – over and over again. Learn more and watch every episode of Tazin TV at www.tazinlake.com.

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