Meet the Ultimate Suspending Jerkbait

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 Dec 14th, 2021 by Keith Worrall 

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Meet the Ultimate Suspending Jerkbait
Shimano’s New World Minnow 115SP Upends the Jerkbait Universe


Trophy bass don’t grow to supersized proportions by being gullible or easily fooled. Classic lures and traditional presentations often fail when faced with the challenge of tempting world-class targets. Shimano answers the cry of avid anglers to catch more and bigger fish by crafting superior lures that elevate good trips into great ones. By leveraging the revolutionary BOOST CONCEPT – an elegant synthesis of three premium Shimano technologies – the Shimano World Minnow 115SP stands ready to trigger explosive strikes from even the wariest bass.

The Shimano World Minnow 115SP redefines the shallow-diving jerkbait paradigm by providing anglers with access to three unique lure technologies, each designed to outperform – and outlast – the competition. The first of these is FLASH BOOST, which provides a fish-attracting flash during all phases of the retrieve – even on the pause. FLASH BOOST suspends a highly polished, reflective foil on micro springs within a hollow chamber in the lure’s body. The slightest motion activates this system, sending flash cascading through the water column toward lurking predators. When the angler pauses the bait during the retrieve, the reflective foil continues to shimmer, effectively mimicking the flash of a quivering and wounded baitfish suspended in the water column. The Shimano World Minnow disperses more flash into the water column than any other shallow-diving jerkbait – in motion or at rest – and no fish can resist its attractive qualities.

“FLASH BOOST is extremely effective at calling fish in to inspect the World Minnow under a wide range of water conditions,” notes Shimano Pro Angler Josh Douglas. “In cold, super-clear water where bass can see a long way, even a motionless, suspending World Minnow continues to shimmer and sparkle thanks to FLASH BOOST. Bass will swim from a considerable distance to take a look, and once they’re close, their predatory instincts simply compel them to strike.”

“In turbid water,” continues Douglas, “the FLASH BOOST system throws off a tremendous amount of light, helping bass to find the target quickly. Whether I’m fishing in the cold, muddy waters of spring or warm, algae-laden lakes and rivers in mid-summer, the FLASH BOOST-equipped World Minnow is a formidable weapon in my bass-catching arsenal.”

The simplest way to catch more fish is to cover more water, putting baits in front of as many fish as possible on every cast. Shimano designed the exclusive JET BOOST technology with a singularity of purpose: To amplify the distance of every cast. The World Minnow’s JET BOOST system increases casting distance and accuracy by capitalizing on the physics of the casting motion with a spring-loaded weight transfer system. As the angler swings the lure backward, centrifugal forces cause an internal weight to slide into the World Minnow’s tail during the backcast, altering the lure’s center of gravity and driving it farther through the air as the angler propels it forward. As the World Minnow enters the water, the spring-loaded weight returns to its original position, perfectly rebalancing the lure for proper swimming action. With help from JET BOOST, anglers can cast the World Minnow up to 22% longer than lures of comparable size and weight. Now, every angler can cast longer and tempt more fish on every trip.

“JET BOOST provides me with a huge advantage, especially when fishing shallow water or targeting pressured fish – like I often am on the third day of a major tournament,” reflects Douglas. “Bumping fish with my boat is a sure way to spook potential biters, so I need to position myself far away from casting targets. Thanks to JET BOOST, I can propel the World Minnow farther than any other jerkbait I’ve ever cast – even into the wind. Now, every fish is within reach.”

A lure’s finest visual details make the biggest difference when a trophy-caliber bass is within striking distance. The World Minnow’s proprietary SCALE BOOST system amplifies a fish’s predatory instincts and triggers more strikes from trophy fish. SCALE BOOST mimics the realistic patterns of baitfish scales by utilizing an industry-exclusive composite-pitch hologram, increasing the amount and complexity of light reflected through the water, and triggering strikes from the wariest predators.

The World Minnow 115SP dives to depths of four to six feet on the retrieve, suspends enticingly when paused, and exhibits an erratic side-to-side darting action to trigger aggressive strikes. Each World Minnow is 4 ½ inches (115 mm) long, weighs ⅝ ounce (17 g), and is available in a library of ten color patterns including Chartreuse Head, Clown, Chartreuse Silver, Blue Silver, Ghost Ayu, Black Gold, Black\Silver, Pink Smelt, Pro Blue and Salangidae. The Shimano World Minnow 115SP is available now with an MSRP of $19.99.



Dives Four to Six Feet
10 Color Patterns
Weight: ⅝ ounce (17 g)
Length: 4 ½ inches (115 mm)

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