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 Nov 2nd, 2021 by Keith Worrall 

Modified Nov 2nd, 2021 at 10:42 AM

On the south end… The late fall bite is on! As the MN deer hunting opener approaches, walleyes are in high gear but most of the focus of many anglers is towards the woods. Great fishing is there for those late season anglers.

Various schools of walleyes and saugers along the south shore are cooperating nicely. The walleyes and sauger are active and will continue into ice fishing.

Anchored up and jigging with a fathead or emerald shiner continues to be the go to method. Live shiners are available and effective.

The best reports are coming from 17-27 feet of water across the south shore in areas such as Pine Island, Morris Point, Zippel Bay, Graceton Beach, Long Point and Rocky Point. Various schools within these depths.

Walleye anglers also catching some nice pike, jumbo perch, sturgeon and even a few crappies and eelpout.

Some back bays showing a thin layer of ice on cold mornings!

On the Rainy River… Some nice walleyes being caught in the river. Many are full of emerald shiners. Jigging with a frozen or live shiner, is the go to method.

Some groups continue trolling crankbaits in the river through the fall. It is consistent, covers water, gives a different look than the millions of shiners, good method for scattered fish and produces reaction bites of shiner stuffed fish. Keep this tool available if you aren’t catching.

Sturgeon activity continues to be good with some big fish caught and released.

Up at the NW Angle… Fall fishing up at the Angle is good. Most anglers are using a jig and minnow or jig and plastic (when boating into Canada) for walleyes. In some areas, walleyes continue to be stacked and big numbers of fish are being caught.

Gold, pink and/or glow colored jigs are doing well. Reminder, no live, frozen or dead bait being able to be transported over the border from the U.S. into Canada, consequently anglers boating into Ontario waters reporting various plastics on their jigs and spinners working great.

Various areas of structure such as points, reefs and sandy areas in neck down areas continue to hold good fish. 12 – 26 feet is the range depending upon the spot.

Travel to and from the Angle via vehicle through the 40 miles of Canada is open. Must be vaccinated and have a negative PCR COVID Test. Boating into Canadian waters is now open.

Want to avoid crossing the border? Charter transport via water and ice and flights over the lake are available through the LOW Passenger Service and Lake Country Air both this fall and into the winter months via ice.

A complete list of lodging, fishing and ice fishing packages around LOW, the NW Angle, Baudette and the Rainy River at www.LakeoftheWoodsMN.com/Lodging.


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