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 Mar 22nd, 2022 by Keith Worrall 

Modified Mar 22nd, 2022 at 5:07 PM

On the south end… Warm weather has melted a lot of the snow on the lake causing a slushy mess on most ice roads. With that being said, most resorts have removed their fish houses from the ice.

Some resorts are still allowing ATV / UTV / snowmobile travel with collapsible fish houses. Check with resorts and outfitters prior to accessing the ice.

Some anglers are still targeting walleyes. Mixed reports across the lake. Some really good, some a bit slow. Anglers are in varying depths from 17 – 32 feet. The one – two approach of a jigging line combined with a deadstick is the way to go.

Pike activity is really picking up. Tip ups with a quick strike rig, live sucker, frozen smelt or cisco have been the most successful in 10 – 22′. Set tip ups in varying depths until you figure out the best depth and duplicate it.

Some laying dead bait on the bottom or just off. Others set bait just below the ice, in the middle of the water column, 2 feet off until you find a pattern.

Have pike release tools (needle nose, jaw spreaders, camera) ready to roll so pike get back into the water quickly and safely. Pike limit is 3 fish per day, 30 – 40 inches must be released, one can be kept over 40″.

Walleye and sauger season open through April 14th. Pike season open year round.

On the Rainy River… With warm weather conditions and run off, ice fishing has stopped on the river for all practical purposes. Anglers are looking forward to the open water and the spring walleye run.

As of March 21st, the open water line on the Rainy River was at mile marker 168 near Indus. The open water is progressing at about (give or take) 3 miles per day. The Nelson Park access in Birchdale, MN is the first main boat ramp to open and it is located at about mile marker 156, about 26 miles east of Baudette.

Only Mother Nature knows, but when the river starts to open up, it can happen fast. Stay tuned.

The snowmobile trail is closed.

Up at the NW Angle… Most resorts have pulled fish houses off for the year with some still ice fishing through the weekend. Fishing reports are consistent where they are fishing.

COVID testing requirements to drive through Canada will be dropped come April 1st. Travelers need to be vaccinated and use the ArriveCan App.

There are various ways to travel to the Angle.

1. Drive through Canada to the Angle

2. LOW Passenger Service (charter boat service across the lake staying in MN)

3. Lake Country Air.(stays in MN, lands on ice / water)

4. Take your own boat. (Safety first, this is a 40 mile ride over big water)

A complete list of lodging, fish house rentals, spring and summer guide and charter boat trips at www.LakeoftheWoodsMN.com/Lodging.

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