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 Feb 14th, 2023 by sworrall 

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FireFly Update, (F.U.) 2-14-23

What is the FireFly Update?

Fly Fishing Newsletter designed to be great content that will be entertaining, and informative. We will have the F.I.R.E. outline:

F. (Fly of the week).

I. (Interview).

R. (Report of Muertos Bay’s Fly Fishing).

E. (Extraordinary subjects in Fly Fishing).

Let’s Kick  off our newsletter!

Fly of the Week:

Ru Harvey on the NYAP fly. Rupert Harvey is a master fly tier from the U.K. He makes many brillient flies for G.T.’s, and other sea monsters. These ties slide-over directly into the realm of Roosterfish, and Dorado. Watch this video if you are a fly tier, you will learn much!

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Curt Gowdy was a sportscaster and passionate fly fisher. He has a park in Wyoming that is named after him. He (like me), began our lives in the state of Oklahoma. Mr. Gowdy made some pretty nice fly fishing accomplishments, including a T.V. show. But in this interview Curt Gowdy is the interviewer, the interviewee is no less than Joe Brooks. You can tell in the video that Mr. Gowdy is a little star-struck. It makes me wonder, what kind of a fly fisher would make the infamous Curt Gowdy nervous to be around? So I did a little digging, and Joe Brooks was the real deal, (like Lefty Kreh’s mentor kinda big). There will be more to come from us later about this treasure of a fly fisher. Check this video out here:

Watch the video


Report: 1-24-23 Muertos Bay Fly Fishing Report is not all great, not all bad. There are still roosterfish to be had, believe it or not! Mahi fishing is still okay, and the sierras have been better, but the real heroes in today’s Muertos extravaganzas are the bonito! The trick is to get out early, and hit it before the wind runs you off of the water, (if you can even get on the water). BRING A JACKET! It is cold on the way out…. Call for more information at (405) 650-5654


What if you could go on a fly-fishing adventure with one of the masters? Our imaginations may reach far and wide, but it doesn’t get any better than Flip Pallot – the pioneering American fly fisherman and conservationist whose talent, knowledge, and humility are unmatched. Enter this short film, bringing his expertise right to your laptop screen! This is the best side of Mr. Pallot, his soulful, artistic side – all captured in a glorious resolution that can only be described as heavenly. Join us as we spin some yarns from the big fish stories during the amazing career and this extraordinary human being who epitomizes everything that makes fly fishers passionate about their sport!

Find it here

That’s it for this week, if you are going to be at the Denver Fly FIshing Show, stop by Booth 330, and tell us hi!

Stay Salty Amigos!

Donnie Price

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