FireFly Update, (F.U.) 3/14/23

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 Mar 14th, 2023 by sworrall 

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FireFly Update, (F.U.) 3/14/23

What is the FireFly Update?

Fly Fishing Newsletter designed to be great content that will be entertaining, and informative. We will have the F.I.R.E. outline:

F. (Fly of the week).

I. (Interview).

R. (Report of Muertos Bay’s Fly Fishing).

E. (Extraordinary subjects in Fly Fishing).

Let’s Kick it off our newsletter!


Fly of the week: How to distance Cast, this video talks about getting it there, and the value of being able to cast far!

How 2 Tuesday - Tricks To Fly Cast 130+ Feet - EPISODE #569


Interview: This week we dug up an old jewel from Lefty Korea. He was such a charming man. Make sure to watch til the end, as he tells a couple of jokes that are just amazing!

Lefty Kreh Interview


Report: Muertos Bay Fly Fishing Report.

Windy conditions made it to where we could not effectively fish, but we have done it anyway, with some success for skipjack, bonito, and dorado, we have not caught any yellowtail on the fly this week, but it might kick off any day now. Water temps have been ranging from 65-69 degrees, air temps will be in the mid 80’s today. Our crews will be on the water at 7:00 this morning. Good luck out there, if you see any of the roosterfish fleet, say “Hola!!”


Extraordinary: Conservation should be at the front of every passionate fly fishers mind. Here are 6 companies that are doing it well:

Find it here

That’s all, I have to get on the water.

Stay Salty Amigos!

Donnie Price

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