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 Jul 1st, 2022 by Keith Worrall 

Modified Jul 1st, 2022 at 10:15 AM

Musky Hunter Magazine will no longer offer its printed magazine after this most recent issue. This decision was not something that any of us took lightly. There have been many sleepless nights because ultimately, we feel like we have failed all of you even though the causes were out of our hands. We are devastated to bring you this news but we have gone back to the drawing board and brainstorming sessions and have no intentions of just throwing in the towel. We don’t give up fishing for Musky and we are not going to give up on you!!!

Musky Hunter Magazine like most everyone else has faced the challenges the rest of the world has over the last four years. But we stifled through until now. How did we get here?

Covid-19 Pandemic – this forced the world to shut down but not us we managed to bring you a print publication every two months. This did cause us to not be in person with you at shows and seminars throughout 2021 but continued producing our high-quality magazine and more importantly we hope you enjoyed it.
Supply Chain Shortage – this caused timely delays and product shortages across the board even for printing the magazine. The supply chain shortages eventually trickled down to paper, ink, and now fuel costs. We have persevered through this until we just can’t any longer.
Increased Costs – Fuel costs alone have caused an increase in the production of our publication. You are feeling this at the pump and we definitely are!
Paper Shortage – and now May of 2022 there is a paper shortage.

All of these factors have caused our cost to produce this magazine to increase over 33% from one issue to the next.

The main reason we struggled to coming to this decision is you. You paid for a service and we are now in a position where that will no longer be offered to you. After countless thoughts and conversations, we have decided to offer you everything below. All you have to do is check with us so we have your current email address.

The last three issues of this year will be digital only. We will still produce a magazine but it will only be available digitally and will be sent to anyone with a current subscription.
Every issue of Musky Hunter Magazine will be made available to all current subscribers. We will grant you access to the digital archives for 2 years, 2023 and 2024.

A brand-new app, free to download, is available in both Google Play and the App stores. This will allow you to now receive up-to-date Musky information as soon as we have it. No more waiting! As soon as we know, you will have it in the palm of your hand!

We appreciate all of you for the continued support and ask you to not give up on us just yet because we aren’t finished! We still plan to be the #1 resource for anything Musky. We promise, here and now, WE WILL BE THE BEST for this sport and for you, our loyal supporters and subscribers.


Gregg Thomas & Tony Grant

1-800-236-8759 or [email protected]

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