Cold Water Warriors-Salude!

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 Nov 19th, 2010 by OutdoorsFIRST 

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Like ice breaker ships we test our hulls as we fight our way out to that open water taunting those who just can’t get enough. The shoreline is rimmed with glass and the sight of it takes a long pull of your breath as you exhale. It’s been a long season, but the days are growing shorter now – it’s only a matter of time before you’re forced to throw in the towel.

You drop the trolling motor and ready your gear. The cold air is biting at your skin and chills you to the bone, while the only warmth is the satisfaction of doing what you love and the wishful thinking that this days’ work may come with rewards. 

Fire and ice makes water and it proves itself once again as you fight your leader snaps with your clammy finger tips, the moisture stemmed from hot hands and a cold breeze.

“Go to work, boys!” You mutter to the suckers you’ve just set out. You watch for a hopeful minute just in case, then you turn to your “ol’ faithful” stick, pick her up and blow the light dusting of snow from the spool. “Ready to rock?” you silently ask, not specific to whom or what the question is directed towards – it applies to everything around you; The muskies, your gear, yourself.

It’s only been a half-hour and already your finger tips feel like cold stones. It’s a funny feeling when parts of your body become so cold they falsely begin to feel hot. One thing is certain and that is you’re out there for a reason, you’re as hardcore as we come. Sure it’s gonna hurt when those hands thaw when you’re through, but that’s then, this is now and if you don’t grab your sucker rod right now, that clicker might burn out!

SCORE, you just released one. I’ll bet the guy watching from the window thinking you’re crazy just changed his opinion to, “That guy’s nuts!”  Why is it so weird to throw air punches like you’re shadow boxing Mike Tyson? C’mon, you just released a fish AND you need to warm up! Keep dancing friend, you earned it.

 “Ol’ Faithful”, waits for you. Suck the ice off the eyelets and dip the Dawg in the cold drink, the tail’s frozen with a thin layer of ice.

A few more casts in and your phone vibrates in your pocket.

“Now who’s calling me now!” You say out loud. People should just get a clue – I mean, who call’s when you’re out fishing? Don’t they know how cold it is? To answer, you’d have to adjust the way you so eloquently positioned your sleeve on your hand – it’s the only thing saving your life right now. 

…LOL, I’m glad to hear so many are still braving the elements. This fall I’ve been torn between treestand and boat – treestand stole my time but I’m planning on getting out there one of these days. Joel and Gabe, we need to get out – hit me up.

Good luck to the rest of you still hitting the ponds, I love checking in and seeing the reports and pictures.

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