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 Feb 27th, 2015 by OutdoorsFIRST 

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NEW!!!!!! We are offering a free fishing trip and a free hunting trip with us in 2015.  All you have to do for a chance to win is put in a donation to Tanners Journey with Kidney Disease.  100% of the money raised will go to Tanner and getting him a ACTION CHAIR with tracks…..for more information about our service visit www.ruttingridgeoutfitters.com


Tanner Cotton-Hinton is a 20-year-old young man from Claremore, Oklahoma that has a great passion for hunting and fishing. Tanner was born with 1 kidney, which wasn’t functioning correctly at birth. Tanner’s first surgery was at the young age of 2 weeks. He had 2 more surgeries when he was 2 years old. Then it happened…On December 23, 2012 Tanner was thrown from a horse causing his only kidney to burst. He was rushed into surgery to remove the bleeding kidney. During this time his aorta had tore causing him to lose blood flow to his legs. They tried opening his legs to allow the muscles to have room to expand. This was unsuccessful, causing doctors to have to amputate both legs above the knees. During Tanner’s 13 days in ICU he under went 9 surgeries, dialysis 3 days a week and had to start cathing due to his bladder had given out. He also had a stent placed that was changed every 3 months because his ureter wasn’t contracting anymore. He was in the hospital until December 10, 2013. The first thing Tanner did when coming home from hospital was get out in his chair and shoot his bow. Since then he has been in and out of hospital many times for debridement, dialysis and other cosmetic surgery’s. Just this last month doctors got him all approved for a Kidney Transplant and his mother Michelle gave a gift that any mother would do, a new kidney for Tanner.

So how does Rutting Ridge outfitters, LLC fit into all this? Rutting Ridge outfitters, LLC is donating a whitetail hunt (either Archery, Rifle or Muzzleloader) for fundraising for Tanner to get an action chair, which costs about $15,000. Money raised will buy Tanner his ACTION Chair and help off set the costs of Tanner and his family going on hunt of a life time in Buffalo County, WI. I would really like to get even his brothers a chance for a hunt since they all fought this together. Buffalo County is the number #1 county in the USA for Trophy whitetail. For every $10 donation one makes to this great cause you will get a chance to be put in the drawing, e.g. $100 gets one 10 entries plus if you share this more than 10 other people you will even get another chance in the drawing…Gotta donate for your share to count.

For more information add Tanner Cotton-Hinton as a Facebook friend and check out his journey on his Tanner’s Journey with Kidney Disease Facebook Page.

Whether you are a fisherman or a hunter its about that time of year again to start planning for this years adventures.  While we wait for all the antlers to start growing again, all we need is a couple warms days and we can get our guided fishing trips going for the year.  If you have hunted or fished with us the last 25+ years make sure you start getting those dates and deposits in.  Like always they will go fast. 
Don’t forget to get your donation in for a chance to Win that Buffalo County Whitetail Hunt.


Jarrad Fluekiger
Rutting Ridge Outfitters

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