Ol’ Drop Tyne, The Gal’s are making it happen Gents..!

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 Nov 22nd, 2011 by OutdoorsFIRST 

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The Gal’s are making it happen Gents..!

Mackenzie’s First Buck
…You should be proud Mackenzie I know your Dad is, GREAT buck young lady..!


Thanks again for another great year. I put a 137 3/8 on the ground with my bow. Unfortunately, I don’t have any great photos of my buck. My little girl, Mackenzie, just shot her first buck this weekend. Using your scent both times, worked like a charm. On Mackenzie’s buck we had a south wind, put out the scent to drift across a food plot and he came in on a string. Came all the way to the scent, actually too close, 5 yards from us, standing there “huffing” the scent in, all worked up, had to wait until started to walk away to get a shot. Great video.
Take a look at attached photo.

Thanks again, keep up the great work. Here’s to next year!

Berdette shoots another fine Whitetail


I won a bottle at our AGLOW fall conference and they told me the bottle would be shipped a week before season open. Actual fresh doe urine is collected in Wisconsin, bottled and shipped. It must stay in the refrigerator, unopened, until it’s used. I had to remind Bruce not to grab the wrong bottle and drink it for breakfast.
Logan Nilsson, has a direct testimony on Doe-to-Door. “I sprinkled it on a post near my deer stand, sat back and watched,” he said. “Deer came in with noses twitching, heads shaking and walked right up to it and gathered around. I’ve never seen anything work like that.” I guess South Dakota deer like Wisconsin does.

“RUT” Promotion still running thru Nov 30th….

Clearly the best “Rut” product around..!

“Ok…there is little doubt that the Rut is in high gear up here in the Midwest, and so we want to ensure that your cover scent is the best it can be for this time of the year we all wait for…”

Their is nothing better to cover your own scent with and create that calming affect at your stand than the FRESH scent of a doe and that is exactly what we are going to help you with.

This new promotion will provide you a free bottle of our FRESH doe urine called Dame and will end November 30th, 2011

Just order a bottle of our best selling “Doe-To-Door” estrus scent and a bottle of our “Dame” cover scent for your hunt and we will deduct the cost of the 4oz Dame once our office receives your order.

Make sure you key in the Promo Code: Dame to receive the FREE bottle of fresh cover scent.

The Rut is on, so lets make every hour in the woods count, bring a little dame with you…

Have a Great Hunt,


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