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 Aug 16th, 2016 by OutdoorsFIRST 

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Baton Rouge, LA (August 15, 2016) – Nothing raises the ire of a prime whitetail buck throughout the pre-rut period like the smell of another mature buck. He’s worked hard rubbing and scraping out his territory and has lofty plans to breed every doe in the neighborhood. Antlered intruders are not welcome.

His body chemistry has changed dramatically over the past few weeks, as has his gregarious outlook toward other males. The idea of another mature buck challenging claim to his domain has become intolerable, so he patrols his rubs and scrapes, looking for clues like a psychopathic ex-boyfriend on steroids.

Knowledgeable hunters understand that they can capitalize on a dominant buck’s aggression throughout the pre-rut and rutting periods, and deploy a variety of tactics intended to bring that big boy running. Rattling and grunting can infuriate him by sound. Buck decoys do it by sight. Dominant buck lures do it by smell.

Wildgame Innovations’ NEW Dominant Buck Bomb is a versatile aerosol spray product containing 6.5 ounces of fresh, 100% mature buck urine that can be sprayed in bursts as a highly-effective mock scrape creator, scrape enhancer, or a crafty aromatic addition to a buck decoy. The Dominant Buck Bomb can also be set to deploy completely and fog an entire area, creating a downwind scent trail that leads big bucks right back to a waiting hunter’s shooting lane. And speaking of downwind, Wildgame Innovations’ Dominant Buck Bomb excels as an intriguing natural cover scent to protect hunters from keen noses that show up in that worst possible location.

But this is only part of the story. Wildgame Innovations’ new Dominant Buck Bomb is UV-enhanced with Glo-Cote. Instead of solely appealing to a deer’s nose, the Dominant Buck Bomb provides a visual queue he can see, too.

The science of deer attraction changed dramatically in 2014 when Wildgame Innovations introduced Glo-Cote, an ultraviolet additive emitting a 360-degree visual queue that deer can see day and night.

Exhaustive field testing has shown that food plots, bait stations, mineral licks and other attractant sites are 180 times more likely to be discovered by animals when treated with Glo-Cote. Additionally, these treated sites are typically discovered and frequented within 24 hours of application and receive significantly greater traffic and usage – both day and night – when compared to untreated sites and products.


  • Patented fog nozzle allows for burst or continuous spray
  • 6.5 oz. size means multi-hunt capable
  • Buck Urine is perfect for pre & post rut action
  • Glo-Cote UV enhancement creates visual attraction
  • Perfectly suited for attraction, cover scent, scrape enhancer or scrape creation
  • Entices dominant bucks in the area

Mfg. Item # FG-00421

UPC 8-50695-00421-6

MSRP: $9.99

Throughout most of the hunting season, nothing gets a boss buck’s attention faster – or holds it longer – than evidence of another mature buck in his territory. Catch the attention of both his nose and his eyes. The all-new Dominant Buck Bomb is 100% mature buck urine enhanced with Wildgame Innovations’ proprietary Glo-Cote technology, formulated to attract dominant bucks to your hunting location with twice the appeal.

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