The Rut is ON, and the arrows are flying!

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 Nov 14th, 2014 by OutdoorsFIRST 

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OL’ Drop Tyne worked in Wisconsin for Henry.
OL’ Drop Tyne meets Henry’s Drop Tyne Buck, Henry Wins!


Josh’s adjustment day two pays off.

I saw this buck on Saturday morning, with my scents set below a ridge and being downwind, the combo only caused him to do a “drive-by”, never coming into my shooting zone. With the wind in the same direction on Sunday morning, I decided to move the scents closer to the beaten down deer trail. As day light cracked I could see movement through the woods coming in from a corn field, although it seemed like an eternity and he was just nosing the ground, I finally saw the rack. Same deer! This time as he approached his nose shot up in the air and his curiosity got the best of him as he made his way directly to my scents and my shooting lane. The rest of the story as they say is history. I used Dame on wicks and Doe-to-Door on a drag to my stand.

Better hope your hunting buddies aren’t getting this email!


Thank you so much for the doe to door. Your scents are superior by far. I got it in the mail yesterday and used it this morning. I have never had that much activity in such a short amount of time. I had deer funneling in to my hole like crazy. I had a couple bucks with their noses in the air. The does we’re really relaxed. They stayed near my stand for a longer period of time. Usually they just walk through but they hung around. 2 hours into my hunt this guy came in 10 yards from the scent. I am so impressed with your product. I have been rambling on and on how effective it is to the guys I work with.

Unfortunately it’s my little secret so the guys hunting our property won’t be placing any orders. I look forward to placing an order next year. Thank you so much for allowing me the edge to harvesting this nice 9 point.

Better hope your hunting buddies aren’t getting this email partner 🙂 .


Are you ready?

It’s On in the Midwest and prime time for those all day stands.

Yes we can still custom collect you a fresh bottle or two this coming week, ship it out USPS Priority to you for your hunt…!

“Get it while it’s HOT”
Nov 18th and 19th shipping dates still have some openings…

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Have some Great Hunts this Fall,


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