‘Secret’ to Whitetail Success?

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 Oct 21st, 2011 by OutdoorsFIRST 

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You got to love it, and at the same time fully understand why good customers like Mark do what they do because they are having great success over the seasons. Mark is from Ohio and like so many Whitetailer’s out there, when they have a good system working they have a tendency to keep some of the very key components to their success a closely held secret.

I’ll be honest with you, years ago when we were first starting out it used to drive me half crazy when talking to customers who would flat out tell me they were not going to tell their buddies about their new “secret weapon”, or if we could sabotage their buddies bottle (some of which are indeed very funny) so they themselves had the advantage.
Please understand that we want everyone to have great, successful hunts. It’s what we take great pride in and when customers like Mark take the time to send in photos and stories we know the whole years efforts are worthwhile.

Hey Chip,
Well what i am asked the most is how do you kill all those big deer and what scent’s do i use? What i tell them is BO scent is the best scent, but when the time is right i use OL’ Drop Tyne scents!! I have had very good luck with this company.
You have a good hunting season this year Chip.
Mark from OH

So Mark,
Thanks for sending in your photos, and unfortunately my friend, your secret is out. LOL

Have a great hunt…
OL’ Drop Tyne

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