Chip’s Tip, Closing the Loop for more Success

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 Oct 15th, 2011 by OutdoorsFIRST 

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It’s that time of year again and so many of our customers use drag systems to improve their hunts. They’re right, they can make all the difference in the world. Many of us have asked ourselves, “I wonder which way that buck will follow the drag, will he work it in the direction I am headed or will he follow it backward toward where I started it?”

Hold the Arro-Drag out to the side!

Lets take a moment and review a system we call “Closing the Loop” to help improve your odds this season. Many of us (including me) have used a scent drag that started on a prominnet deer trail and then dragged it right to your stands shooting lane only to see a mature buck pick up your fresh scent trail 70 yards out and follow it the wrong way, right back to where you started your drag. Yep, he’s gone and you did everything that worked so well last season.

Ok, this time try 1 of the following 2 concepts and take note, scent drags can be literally hundreds of yards long;

Start your drag in your shooting lane or scrape and create a large circle or teardrop shaped drag that ends up right back to where you started. It also helps to create the belly of your circle down wind from your stand as many times mature bucks will drift down wind to scent check an active scrape.

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Create a large figure 8 pattern with your drag placing the intersection of your figure 8 right in your shooting lanes prime location.

While there are times when these 2 presentations are just not practical given the terrain and/or stand locations. You are also just as likely to see just how effective these can be.

Have a Great Hunt!



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