Easy Off Season Target Buck Scouting Tips

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 Feb 19th, 2019 by sworrall 

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Whitetail Habitat Solutions
Published on Feb 18, 2019

During the off season it can become very clear where target bucks bed, travel and feed on your land. However, effective off season target buck scouting begins by defining the timing for the mature bucks that use your land. Timing the patterns of the target bucks that use your land, is even more important than the location of those patterns, during the season. You will find that the majority of the bucks on your land are either core or non core bucks. Here is an easy way to determine which type of buck you can hunt on your land as it relates to timing (core or non core), and how to hunt them based on those timing categories. Much of your off season scouting for target bucks can be spent by studying your trail cameras, and here is how…

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