3 Scent Control Products I am Happy I Added to my Deer Hunting Arsenal

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 Oct 20th, 2022 by Keith Worrall 

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3 Scent Control Products I am Happy I Added to my Deer Hunting Arsenal

by Joe Henry

I am a deer hunter and I love deer hunting. With a busy schedule, I don’t have as much time as I would like to decompress in the woods. With that being said, being efficient with my gear, making life easy, yet being effective in the field, is very important to me. I started using some storage and scent control products recently that has really made my life easy and more effective.

1 Storage and scent control for my deer hunting clothing.
2 Incorporating Ozone to Reduce/Kill Odors and Bacteria
3 Ozone Sprayer

Storage and scent control for my deer hunting clothing.

I don’t always have to have the latest and greatest, but I added a few products last year that were really good choices.

The first addition to my deer hunting arsenal not only makes my life easier in storing my deer hunting clothing, but it also keeps it in a scent controlled environment and allows me to do a scent control refresh on my drive to my deer hunting spot. Let me explain.

The first item in my simple strategy for storage and scent control is the Scentlok BE:1 Ozone 8K Bag. Here’s the thing for me. I can keep my deer hunting clothes in this bag, along with my fanny pack and other deer hunting items. Everything is on one spot.

What I had been using was a big black plastic contractor’s bag with earth scent wafers in the bag. I would keep the bag sealed up until I reached the field, in which I would open the bag away from exhaust or any other scent that might blow my cover. I would hang my deer hunting clothes outside to air them out before I go hunting and keep them in this plastic bag.

It worked, but would get torn and I always wondered if there was any smell from the plastic bag itself affecting my scent control.

The Scentlok bag takes away any wondering about scent control and is kind of “home base” for all of my deer hunting clothing.

The bag itself helps keep my deer hunting clothing scent free using carbon alloy odor absorption built into the material of the bag. I can transport it easily from my basement to the back of my pickup to away from my pickup (for scent control) when I am getting dressed in the field. It has internal pockets to keep smaller items organized and a well built shoulder strap for when I have the bag loaded up.

Incorporating Ozone to Reduce/Kill Odors and Bacteria

To me, here is the icing on the cake, and the second product I have added that easily helps me and my deer hunting clothing with scent control. There is a product called the OZ Radial Nano, basically a portable device that creates ozone. Ozone transforms and changes the actual odor molecules into different, unrecognizable compounds and kills bacteria, making it great for reducing and killing odors from clothing and other deer hunting equipment.

This device has a rechargeable battery and is designed to fit in a pocket of the Ozone Bag. Before I go hunting or on my way to my deer hunting spot, I can turn the OZ Radial Nano on and it will emit ozone inside the bag throughout my hunting clothing, fanny pack and other gear, reducing odors and simply making me more stealth in the field. I simply turn the device on regular cycle, which runs the device for three cycles of 30 minutes on and 30 minutes off and automatically turns off when finished. Done!

This device is practical in the sense of recharging and power. It comes with a wall plug and micro-USB charging cable, making it easy to charge in your vehicle or from your computer, etc.

It is also handy as the device doubles as a mobile charger for your devices when you are in the field and in a bind if your cell phone is running out of juice.

Ozone Sprayer

It is interesting for me to watch how technology is incorporated into deer hunting. In the past, I have used a variety of scent reducing sprays on my clothing when headed into the field. The final product I have added to my deer hunting arsenal incorporates ozone again, but this time in the form of a spray to quickly hit my clothing, boots, hat, gloves, fanny pack, etc. when I am dressed and ready to walk into the field.

This rechargeable spray bottle is called the NFuse Ozone Sprayer and creates an ozone spray out of normal tap water. Just squeeze the nozzle and a fine mist is dispersed, again killing bacteria and reducing odors.

It was interesting reading some comments on this product as many use it for their boat, livewells, truck and other areas they want to get rid of bacteria and odors. Ahhhh, technology!

I will admit, I am not as hardcore of a deer hunter as some. I am busy, try to be practical, but also understand the importance of scent control when it comes to deer hunting. For me and my lifestyle, these three products have upped my game with scent control and made my deer hunting life that much easier.


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