Carry Your Gear, Not Odors

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 Oct 17th, 2022 by Keith Worrall 

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Carry Your Gear, Not Odors

The new ScentLok BE:1 Grinder Treestand Pack is the most versatile storage toolkit a whitetail hunter can bring to the stand

MUSKEGON, MI (October 17, 2022) – Elite whitetail hunters understand that a buck’s nose is the single biggest threat to a successful harvest. That’s why they take every precaution against carrying potentially alarming odors into the field.

Celebrating 30 years of supporting hunters with proven deadly scent-control apparel and products backed by science, ScentLok never ceases in its investigation of new combinations of materials and technologies to create new products that deliver the ScentLok Advantage. Providing hunters with more opportunities for success by getting them closer to deer and other game is the small, Michigan company’s unwavering mission.

ScentLok expands it’s premier BE:1 (Bowhunter Elite) product lineup with the BE:1 Grinder Treestand Pack. Available right now, it’s the most versatile storage toolkit a whitetail hunter can bring to the stand.

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Overlooked in many whitetail hunters’ scent-control regimens, backpacks are notorious scent bombs, often carrying bacterial and ambient odors on their fabrics or on the key accessories and other essentials carried inside. The BE:1 Grinder Treestand Pack combats such hunt-ruining threats with a Carbon AlloyTM lining to adsorb and lock away odors from the gear placed inside.

Critical scent-control capabilities aside, the BE:1 Grinder Treestand Pack is designed and executed to be the ultimate stand pack for bowhunters. Featuring 17 specialized pockets with 2,574 total cubic inches of storage space, this extremely versatile and right-sized pack affords unequaled customization and utility with respect to storing and accessing gear. That means hunters will find exactly the right place to store whatever they need to bring to the stand – securely and efficiently.

An example of this optimized efficiency is the Grinder’s large, side-access pocket that provides secondary access to the pack’s main compartment, giving treestand hunters another way to access their critical gear inside. Say a shooter buck appears in an unexpected location and you realize you’ve left your rangefinder inside the pack, which is hanging on the tree next to you at shoulder level. Instead of standing up or reaching up to unzip the main compartment from the top – both options requiring significant movement – you remain seated while using a single hand to quickly and efficiently retrieve the required tool from the bag’s main compartment.

Engineered for comfort, stealth, and longevity, the BE:1 Grinder Treestand Pack is constructed from a durable and extremely quiet high-count tricot polyester fabric. Breathable shoulder straps and back pads combine with four-way adjustability to create a comfortable fit on any hunter and under any load. A hidden rain fly can be quickly deployed to protect the pack and its contents from precipitation. Once at the stand, a durable thermoplastic handle allows the pack to be hung with confidence.

ScentLok BE:1 Grinder Treestand Pack Features

• Carbon Alloy™ technology for maximum odor adsorption & scent control
• Stow-away mesh cover for packing added gear
• High count tricot polyester fabric delivers ultimate durability & quietness
• Hidden rain fly cover offers full protection from the elements
• 17 specialized pockets with 2,574 cubic inches of storage space
• Large Side-Access Pocket for easy access to main compartment
• Durable thermoplastic handle: Crucial for hanging in the stand
• Dimensions: 22″H x 14″W x 9″D
• Comes in: Mossy Oak Terra Gila (225), and Realtree Excape (223)
• Item No: 4140864
• MSRP: $189.99


A pack is a necessity for even the lightest-travelling hunter. But all packs are not created equal. The all-new ScentLok BE:1 Grinder Treestand Pack delivers all the utility a stand hunter needs with the proven-deadly advantages of Carbon Alloy odor-adsorbing technology so they can sit longer and get closer. It’s available now at ScentLok dealers worldwide and online at scentlok.com.

Nexus Outdoors, headquartered in Muskegon, MI, USA, is a leading worldwide designer, marketer and distributor of performance, hunting and casual odor-controlling apparel, footwear and equipment under the ScentLok Technologies®, OZ®, Blocker Outdoors®, Whitewater Outdoors® Hard Core® Waterfowl Hunting Apparel and Tree Spider® brands. It also owns American Range Systems, manufacturer and distributor of the world’s strongest and safest bullet traps. Nexus Outdoors is the only company with access to all scent-controlling technologies, including their patented Carbon AlloyTM and Cold Fusion CarbonTM technologies, which provide superior success in the field. ScentLok and Blocker Outdoors are pioneers in the hunting industry, which many credit with creating a market focused on superior scent control to get closer to big game.

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