CHARD Introduces New Pro-Former Electric Jerky Gun

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 Oct 7th, 2020 by Keith Worrall 

Modified Oct 7th, 2020 at 2:45 PM

CHARD, the makers of kitchen and game-processing electrics, announces the release of their Pro-Former Electric Jerky Gun, which quickly and efficiently forms large amounts of wild game or lean ground beef into jerky with one pull of the trigger.

The motorized jerky gun has everything needed to turn jerky making into an easy and enjoyable activity. The Pro-Former Jerky Gun’s powerful motor and internal gears provide 300 foot-pounds of force to greatly reduce the effort needed and reduce hand fatigue. The 15-inch aluminum tube holds over 1.5 pounds of meat making it ideal for larger batches, while the loading funnel and meat pusher increase overall efficiency and reduce prep time.

“At CHARD, we take pride in preparing our own meats and providing the tools to make it an enjoyable experience,” said CEO Rick Carey. “We are excited to introduce the Pro-Former Electric Jerky Gun to our extensive line of kitchen and game-processing electrics. Everyone loves jerky and this product makes it even easier to make jerky in bulk.”

Four stainless steel nozzle attachments are included for making strips, double strips, sticks and double sticks. The Pro-Former Jerky Gun and accessory parts conveniently nest inside its portable hard-shell case, which also includes a tube brush and nozzle brush for easy cleanup.

For more information visit www.chardproducts.com.

Founded in 2009 by CEO Rick Carey, CHARD is best known for its game processing products. Outdoor and hunting enthusiasts alike rely on CHARD for its high-quality meat slicers, grinders, sausage making equipment, and more. With CHARD’s innovative line of products, turning your hunting harvest to a home-cooked meal is easy. Customers know that CHARD products are built to last. Whether it’s venison or salmon right off the boat, CHARD keeps food fresh. From meat processing, to outdoor cooking, to food preparation, CHARD customers are in control of their cooking experience. Make it Yours™ with CHARD.

About The Metal Ware Corporation
The Metal Ware Corporation was founded in 1920 as a metal stamping company in Two Rivers, Wisconsin. Current owners Rick Carey (CEO) and Ross Niemi (COO) took over in 2016 from longtime owner Wes Drumm. Today, The Metal Ware Corporation is best known for its NESCO brand of small kitchen electrics, CHARD Products outdoor cooking and game-processing equipment, and the Metal Ware manufacturing division. Metal Ware is also the parent company of Carey®, Open Country®, Grizzly Dock®, Spa Pro® and HSx® brands in addition to manufacturing and licensing DEWALT® Coolers and Tumblers. For more information visit www.mwcorp.com.

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