Strategy will determine the winner on the final day at Bull Shoals PWT

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 May 13th, 2005 by OutdoorsFIRST 

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Todd Frank needs his fish to hold out one more day (WalleyeFIRST Photo)

Twelve days, twelve five-fish limits. Todd Frank has been on the walleyes here at Bull Shoals every day since he arrived a dozen days ago.Cool weather in northern Arkansas this spring means water temperatures in the low 70’s and no thermocline, allowing the walleyes to move anywhere throughout the system with comfort. As a result, there are several patterns that unfolded during pre-fish; from casting cranks at the shore structure to Todd’s targeted technique.Three anglers are working the same general pattern as Frank, but the area is three miles long or more, separating the pro’s to the point where Lund Pro Mark Martin hasn’t seen another boat on his “spot on the spot” the entire tournament.Frank just looking for a limitThe morning dawned cloudy and cool, with the promise of rain. Todd was ready to go early, looking calmly out on Bull Shoals Lake as the 7 AM ease-off approached.”I’m on one spot that has produced a limit for me every day. I have been here twelve days and have twelve limits,” stated Frank. “The goal is to limit early like the last two days.”Frank is using an unusual technique for Bull Shoals.

Mark Martin hopes a full day on his spot will produce a big weight (WalleyeFIRST Photo)

“I did catch one fish at 3:00 PM yesterday, so there may be an opportunity for a late fish today. I’m a little concerned that I might have burned the spot over the last couple days, I hope the spot holds up,” Todd commented.”I’m trolling cranks using dipsys and lead core over very deep water, 40 to 60 feet down over 160 feet of water,” Frank revealed. “I’m using a Great Lakes technique. A limit today and I wrap this thing up!”Martin all aloneLast night Mark Martin spoke about his area, which has also produced limits and put him in 3rd as of today. He has yet to spend more than one hour on the spot each day in attempt to keep the spot fresh for the finale.”I have the spot all to myself. I haven’t seen another boat there the entire event. I’ve been taking a limit early, and then leaving so I wouldn’t burn the spot,” he said. “Day three, I’ll stay on those fish and try all day to catch enough good fish to take the win.” “The big fish are definitely there,” Martin added.Coverage of the final day continues on Friday. Watch for WalleyeFIRST’s Exclusive Interactive Leaderboard coverage beginning at 3:15 PM CST.

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