Member Spotlight Number 230, Jim Hudson

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NPAA Member Spotlight        
Member #     230     
1-Briefly describe yourself: hometown, age, family, career?
Hello, I’m Jim Hudson, 32 years old from the far northern reaches of WI, Bayfield, situated right on the shore of Lake Superior. I was born and raised in Bayfield, leaving for a college stint in Natural Resources, and then to have come back 10 year ago and started my career as a multi-species guide (am also a full-time police officer with the Bayfield Police Department). Am married to my wonderful wife, Hannah, where we have two fur-children, Scout and Stewie.
2-What was your reason for joining the NPAA? 
Networking, in any career, is imperative to being successful. The NPAA is that network for all anglers, especially those of us in the northern part of the US, so it was a no brainer to become involved and be able to meet and learn from others with-in the industry.
3-Has the NPAA helped you in your career as a professional angler?
This is my first year (really first few months) as a member. I hope to become more involved and believe this will help tremendously in furthering my career.

4-How long have you been fishing? Do you fish tournaments or guide?
Guiding. Here in the Chequamegon Bay and Apostle Islands region of Lake Superior. Been fishing since I can remember. 

5-Do you have any fishing idols or mentors?

My biggest mentor in life and fishing was my grandfather. And professionally, The Next Bite crew, Parsons – Maina – Kavajecz, have helped me tremendously and I consider all them mentors and great friends.
6-Who do you enjoy fishing with the most?
My wife, Hannah.

7-If you could fish with anyone who would it be?
My Grandfather. It was always him taking me and he passed away early enough I could never return the favor.

8- What is your most memorable moment in fishing?
Watching my wife catch her first ever fish – a 28″ walleye through the ice. I could see the look on her face, knowing she was hooked. Just like I was when I caught my first fish.

9- What is a must have in your boat; don’t leave the dock without?
An old homemade hammered out spoon that I caught my first fish on. It’s my lucky charm.

10- What is your strength as an angler?
Being able to adapt and finding fish. Guiding on the Great Lakes, especially the cold sterile waters of Lake Superior, has fish moving and changing patterns all the time, where being able to adapt to those conditions are a must to be successful. Knowing that the bite I had yesterday is now dead and then being able to leave and find fish in other places and with different techniques.

11-What is your weakness as an angler?
Being stubborn and not wanting to quit on trying to catch fish on a tough bite, even after knowing I could switch species and the bite would be easier and much better for my stress level!

12-Who are your sponsors?

The Next Bite – Clam Corporation – Vexilar – StrikeMaster – Berkley – Mustad – Off Shore Tackle – Amsoil – Jason Mitchell Elite Series Ice Rods 

13-What tournaments do you fish or what lakes do you guide on the most?
Guiding on Chequamegon Bay – Lake Namekagon – Eau Claire Chain – Pike Lake Chain – many other small bodies of water in Bayfield and Ashland Counties.

14-Someday you would like to???
Become more involved in the promotional side of the industry.

15-What would your fellow anglers/competitors, say stands out the most about you?

16-In what ways do you promote angling?
Through an everyday, hands-on, approach with my clients. Various seminars and on-line venues for my sponsors. Also, being very active in getting kids and new anglers into the sport by helping with kid’s clinics, free fishing days and my Lrn2Fish fishing schools.

17-What is the biggest fish you have ever caught?
42 lb Lake Trout

18-Where can people find out more about you? Such as Facebook and websites etc…….
http://www.fishchequamegonbay.com is my Guide website – http://lrn2fish.com is my Fishing School site – http://www.facebook.com/?ref=home#!/profile.php?id=100000015031576 is my Facebook page.

19-Outside of fishing what other hobbies do you enjoy?
Are there any other?  I do like to hunt a bit, but, fishing is my true passion and takes up most all of my time.

20-What advice do you have for those considering fishing in tournaments or guiding?
Just like any other business, if you plan to make a living in the fishing industry, have a business plan and work towards your goals that you set with-in that plan. If you have a strong work ethic and are honest to those who you work with, you will succeed and meet those goals. 

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