Lake Of The Woods MN Fishing Report 10/3

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 Oct 3rd, 2023 by sworrall 

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On the south end…  It’s fall walleye fishing time up on Lake of the Woods, however, the weather this past week felt more like late summer.  Water temps are holding, but days are getting shorter which moves things along and fish are being caught.

Some excellent reports this week along with some just good reports.  Some good reports of walleyes along the south shore.  With the warmer weather, spinners and crankbaits are still working well, but fish are being caught jigging as well.

Crankbaits in gold, blue / silver chrome, chartreuse and firetiger are quite proven colors.  Rotate size, wobble and color until you get dialed in.

Anglers jigging are reporting gold, pink, glow, orange and chartreuse colored jig tipped with a frozen emerald shiner is hard to beat.
Most fish are being caught in 18 – 32 feet, depending upon where you are fishing.  Don’t forget about the morning / evening bite along the shoreline areas.
A mixed bag for most anglers includes big pike, jumbo perch, a few crappies and an occasional sturgeon in the mix of walleyes and saugers throughout a day of fishing.
On the Rainy River…   Shiners are in the Rainy River.  There have been good fishing reports with fish being caught.  The heavy run hasn’t happened yet and fish are moving through chasing big schools of shiners.  Every year is different, time will tell on this year’s run, when it happens and how heavy the run is.
Much like the lake, various methods are still catching walleyes.  Spinners and crankbaits to cover water if you are looking for fish or if fish are spread out.  Jigging when fish are more concentrated or swimming through.
Walleyes continue to be caught in Four Mile Bay, along various shoreline breaks, bars and other pieces of structure up and down the river.
Multispecies action on the river.  Pike and smallmouth bass along structure on shorelines.
Some nice fall sturgeon are being caught up amongst the migration and beauty anchored up and soaking crawlers and / or frozen emerald shiners.Up at the NW Angle…  Walleye fishing up at the Angle continues good.  Some believe when cooler weather sinks in, fishing will get even better.  Limits of walleyes are being caught on both sides of the border.

Walleyes are hanging out on points, reefs, flats and neck down areas with current.  They are being caught jigging, pulling spinners and trolling crankbaits.  All three methods are catching fish.
Fall is a great time to fish crappies amongst the islands.  Fish in 20 – 30 feet off of points and around brush piles.
Muskies continue to be active with some big fish being caught.  A mixed bag with pike and smallmouth bass showing up nicely.
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