HaberVision to Offer Walleye Tournament Contingencies for 2008

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 Feb 21st, 2008 by OutdoorsFIRST 

Modified Feb 21st, 2008 at 12:00 AM

RHINELANDER, WI – HaberVision, a polarized performance eyewear company, and OutdoorsFIRST Media today announced a partnership to offer a Walleye Tournament Contingency program for the 2008 seasonThe HaberVision Walleye Tournament Rewards Program offers cash rewards to any walleye tournament Pro Angler purchasing Haber eyewear during 2008. The 2008 HaberVision Walleye Angler Rewards Program offers the bonus to the highest finishing registered Haber Rewards Pro Angler in every 2008 PWT and FLW Tour event.Contingency program participants can purchase the sunglasses through the HaberVision website at a special discounted program price. Contingency amounts of $350.00 will be awarded to the highest placing registered HaberVision Pro angler in all Professional Walleye Trail Events including the 2008 Can Am and all FLW Walleye Tour events including the Championship.”HaberVision is excited to offer contingency awards in 2008 to the top Walleye and Bass Pro Anglers,” said Jani Shoemaker, HabverVision spokesperson. “We are the world’s first only online premium polarized eyewear company. Products can be purchased at www.habervision.com and save 50% off retail by entering the member code HBREWARDS. It’s always been smart to wear HaberVision Polarized Eyewear and now it pays.”OutdoorsFIRST Media will be administering the HaberVision Rewards program through its website, WalleyeFIRST.com. OutdoorsFIRST will also be administering a Bass program through its new site, BassFIRST.com due to launch in February 2008. Walleye program registration will be available by calling the OutdoorsFIRST office or at the WalleyeFIRST.com web site at http://walleye.outdoorsfirst.com/habervision. Once registered, qualifying HaberVision Anglers will be eligible to compete for the incentives offered by HaberVision at each event. To purchase HaberVision Rewards-eligible eyewear at the special program price, visit www.walleyefirst.com/buyhaber.HaberVision, headquartered in Golden, Colorado, is an eyewear company dedicated to polarized performance technology. Founded by Steve Haber, the developer of the Bolle’ brand, Haber products are rigorously tested in the field. All HaberVision products combine the latest in light management systems and coatings with lens and frame materials designed to maximize performance and comfort. HaberVision can be reached at 1-800-621-4381, customerservice@habervision or via their website at www.habervision.com.OutdoorsFIRST Media, headquartered in Rhinelander, WI, is a leading provider of fishing industry news, events, live event coverage, tournament statistics and information. OutdoorsFIRST delivers relevant content and rich media to anglers through its network of sites; WalleyeFIRST.com, IceFishingFIRST.com, MuskieFIRST.com, SalmonFIRST.com, BassFIRST.com and WhiteTailFIRST.com, and via its video hub, OutdoorsFIRST UPLOAD. OutdoorsFIRST can be reached at (715) 362-1760 or via email at [email protected] more information and complete rules and registration information, visit http://www.walleyefirst.com/thabervision or contact OutdoorsFIRST Media at 715.362.1760.

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