AIM Weekend Walleye Series Major Sponsors Are Back

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 Mar 3rd, 2023 by sworrall 

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AIM Weekend Walleye Series Major Sponsors Are Back For 2023 With Opening Day Only Weeks Away
Presented by Yamaha Motor Corp USA and Warrior Boats Inc.
The best bang-for-the-buck walleye tournament series out there, the AIM Weekend Walleye Series, is even better for 2023 thanks to the ongoing support by our presenting sponsors and our angler teams. “AIM anglers and you Fan Nation, are in store to see something really special as AIM begins a new chapter in its growth,” said Denny Fox, AIM national tournament director, referring to the Rivers Division which will present its first qualifier in mid-April.
“And for the 10th consecutive year, our sponsors are showing their support of our groundbreaking Catch-Record-Release format, our great expanded schedule, and our great teams. They’ve kicked it up a notch or 20 to again keep the AWWS the most lucrative affordable walleye tournament in existence.
“We’re less than 30 days from engine start on our first 2023 tourney on the Bay of Green Bay, and a few weeks more until our first-ever Rivers Division launch on the Mississippi, both in Wisconsin waters. We’re rarin’ to go. Let’s light this firecracker.”
Yamaha and Warrior
Lighting up AIM World big time are Yamaha and Warrior, AIM’s presenting sponsors.
Yamaha recently earned customer satisfaction awards in five categories from the National Marine Manufacturers Association, including in the outboard engine, WaveRunner® Personal Watercraft, and Jet Boat, as well as Yamaha’s boat companies Skeeter® and G3® Boats. It has won in the outboard category for every year since the award’s inception in 2001.
Yamaha also is a world leader in its commitment to carbon neutrality by announcing a collaborative initiative for biofuel testing to ultimately create sustainable marine fuels, three new engines, the XTO Offshore 450, the F200 and F150, plus advancements in hydraulic steering systems. And the Yamaha Power Pay incentive program for tournaments is in full operation again this year for qualifying AIM anglers.
Warrior’s lineup of nine platforms, from the 1898 to the king-of-the-water V238 are legendary for their versatility, that Warrior stability that keeps you dry in the bumps, huge storage capacity and the reputation of being the best family fun platform on the water whatever your fun is. The Warrior Cash Tournament Incentive Program also awaits AIM teams running a Warrior, including $1,000 for first place in a Warrior, and $100 for the highest-placing Warrior team.
Together, AIM, Warrior and Yamaha have put together a package for the 2023 AIM National Championship Shootout that is boosting the value of that tournament’s first-place award to more than $100,000, nearly doubling the value of 2022, Fox said.
“This year’s winner on Wisconsin’s Rock River at Fort Atkinson will be trailering home a big Warrior V193 Dual Console that together we decided would be a showcase for our sponsors,” Fox said. The V193 is one of nine boats in Warrior’s lineup, which includes the top-of-the-line V238.
“Now of course that jump up in boats requires a bit more oomph, so we went to Yamaha, and with their help, we’re going to upgrade the powerplant on the back of that beauty to a 200 horsepower four-stroke. Much more on that complete, get-you-fishing-immediately package soon,” Fox added.
Part of that package also is thanks to the world leader in electronic tracking and imaging devices, Garmin. Garmin’s electronics lead the way on the water, in the car, on the golf course, on your wrist, keeping tabs your pet or hunting dog with pet trackers, and even in the air with Garmin avionics. Garmin Navionics mapping, another AIM sponsor, keeps you on course, and its LiveScope, LiveScope Plus and Panoptix systems is unparalleled in live imaging and all-seeing sonar put you on the fish. Garmin Tournament Rewards also is in effect for the highest placing qualified teams in AIM Championship events.
AIM Supporting Sponsor Mercury Marine is leading the way to the future with its ground-breaking electric outboard systems. The Avator 7.5e, the first of at least three Mercury electrics announced at the 2023 Consumer Electronics Show. Two others, the 20e and 35e concepts are in development. The 7.5e features drop-in battery packs that charge overnight using the included charger, with speed and acceleration equal to a 3-1/2 horsepower gasoline outboard.
The Avator will have a full range of accessories and besides controls on the motor, an app allows the user to access all gauges, range estimates, and a GPS map.
Mercury continues its preeminent lineup of four-stroke outboards all the way to the 600hp V12 Verado, with a two-speed transmission and steerable gear case.
Power-Pole also been part of the AIM family of sponsors for years and is known for its leading edge anchor systems. Its Charge Power Management system is king of the hill in keeping you fired up and fishing, along with its Captain’s Cash incentive payouts when you qualify for using its systems in AIM events.
Charge is a three-in-one onboard smart charger, charge-on-the-run and emergency start system that monitors power usage and puts it where it’s needed.
Having enough power aboard is crucial to manage electronics and bow mount motors, and that came into play last year for AIM tournament angler Brett King. He reports that he used his Charge system on a rough Lake Sakakawea, leaving his 300 Yamaha just idling, and never lost a tick on his bow mount batteries all day. AIM pro Joe Okada went three days and never charged his batteries on land, thanks to his Charge system.
Stay tuned to this Facebook page and aimfishing.com for more on AIM sponsors and tournaments as we roll up to the 2023 season’s first events. To learn more, go to the AIM website, aimfishing.com, for details on how you can register to get in on AIM’s four divisions. Want to fish’em all?
And as always, watch for the latest at AIM’s Facebook site.
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