Fish “Smelt” it, Northland Fishing Tackle dealt it

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 Dec 10th, 2009 by OutdoorsFIRST 

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Bemidji, MN. – There are certain natural shapes and actions that even zipper-lipped fish can’t resist. Driven by predator instinct, fish launch at helpless and careless baitfish that stray from the school. That very instinct is what compels fish to massacre the new SLURPIES® SMELT MINNOW.

The fleshy soft, minnow-morsels are lookalikes and taste-a-likes for smelt, shiners, flukes, and shad. Propelled and guided by a flippin’ “whale-tail,” the SLURPIES® SMELT MINNOW darts and swims like the real thing as well. Drag it. Jig it. Give it life on your terms. From the scent-side, the aromatic bait is “salted & spiced” with SowSauceâ„¢ attractor scent. Marry the SLURPIES® SMELT MINNOW with a Slurp! Jig Head and the fish don’t stand a chance.    

Bass fishing authority and TEAM NORTHLANDâ„¢ Pro Staffer Jeff “Gussy” Gustafson offers his perspective on the new minnow-marvel. “I’ve never seen anything turn lookers and cruisers into netters like the SLURPIES® SMELT MINNOW. It’s my guide secret for catching largemouth, smallmouth, and walleyes. They want that baitfish profile in their face with little or no movement.”

On store shelves in match-the-hatch 3 1/2 and 4 1/2 inch sizes, the SLURPIES® SMELT MINNOW comes in eight spot-on colors, including Silver Shiner, Glow Smelt, White Shad, Perch, Emerald Shiner, Blueback Herring, Tennessee Shad, and Baby Bass.

For more information and a 2010 catalog, contact Northland Fishing Tackle® Inc., 1001 Naylor Drive SE, Bemidji, MN  56601. Phone is (218) 751-6723 or email us at [email protected] Website is www.northlandtackle.com.

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