2009-2010 Tuffy Pro Team and Dealer Meeting a Success

 Dec 14th, 2009 by OutdoorsFIRST 

Modified Dec 14th, 2009 at 12:00 AM

The 2009 Fiberdome/Tuffy Boats Dealer and Pro Team meeting was held at the Radisson Hotel December 11th through the 13th. Dealers and Tuffy Boats owners, Tuff Team members, and Tuffy Factory team Members attended the meeting and banquet.

The focus of the Meeting was to provide the dealers and Tuff Team Members in attendance critical information about Fiberdome’s incredible growth, and how that effects Tuffy Boats, a division of Fiberdome, Inc. going into the future.

Friday night’s reception was well attended, and was a social gathering allowing all the attendees to meet one another and enjoy some boating and fishing conversation. Brett King, Pro angler fishing the FLW and AIM Circuits, Kirt Hedquist, 2009 FLW League Champion, and many other anglers of note talked fishing, Tuffy Boats, and the future of the Walleye Tournament business.

Saturday morning Fiberdome’s Steve Bendall addressed the group describing the tremendous growth Fiberdome Inc. experienced in 2009, and how Tuffy Boats helped Fiberdome reach their current business position.

“Tuffy Boats represents a very a small percentage of our overall business, but is an absolutely critical portion of our Marketing program. How many of you have ever heard of Fiberdome?” he asked. “When traveling, visiting with potential new clients, and when just out boating or fishing, I find no one knows what Fiberdome is, and all know exactly what Tuffy Boats is. Tuffy is Fiberdome’s Marketing Arm, and I can honestly look at all of you and announce Tuffy Boats is the most financially secure regional boat builder in the United States!”

New Tuffy Model Recommendations Brainstorming

Mr. Bendall concluded his presentation with a Power Point presentation describing the 2009 expansion and the many products Fiberdome produces, including critical components for literally thousands of the MATV Military Vehicle for Osh Kosh Truck.

Saturday afternoon, OutdoorsFIRST’s Steve Worrall conducted a brain storming session with the Tuff Team members and dealers in attendance gathering information that will be used in development of two new Tuffy models for the 2011model year, which actually begins in June of 2010. OutdoorsFIRST is retained by Tuffy Boats assisting in marketing, promotional activities, and more.

Boulder Marine Center is Dealer of the Year

The Saturday night banquet rounded out the meeting. Awards of appreciation were given to Kirt Hedquist as Tuff Team Promotional Member of the Year, Brett King for his superb performance as a Tuffy Factory Team Member, and Boulder Marine Center of Boulder Junction, Wisconsin as 2009 Tuffy Dealer of the Year. Valuable prizes were distributed, including a direct additional 10% discount on any single model boat and trailer purchased in 2011 by any of the attendees.

Steve Worrall and Kirt Hedquist

The meeting wrapped up with a social gathering and quite a bit of fishing, hunting, and Green Bay Packers VS Minnesota Vikings and Chicago Bears conversation.

The 2010 Tuff Team and Dealer Meeting is scheduled for February, 2011.

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