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Skis Skis

Toothy Critters 2012


2012 PMTT Championship Day Two

2012 PMTT Championship


2012 Gerrits Kevin Worrall Memorial

2012 Gerrits KWM Images

2012 PMTT Leech Lake

2012 Spring Bay Outing


2012 ICAST

jlong’s Personal Favorites

2012 Eagle River PMTT Day TWo

2012 Eagle River PMTT Day One

2012 Eagle River PMTT Rules Meeting

2012 muskies

2012 Cave Run PMTT Day Two

2012 Cave Run PMTT Day One

bumper bord


2012 Minneapolis Muskie Expo

DEMolishedyou2’s Rare Topwater Baits

DEMolishedyou2’s Fishing Lures

DEMolishedyou2’s Wishmaster Collection

DEMolishedyou2’s Hughes River Collection

DEMolishedyou2’s Musky Nut Collection

Good Start

Madison Show, 2012

Milwaukee Muskie Expo 2012

firstsixfeet and places we went and fish we caught

2012 Tri Esox Show