2007 Steve Herbeck Seminar

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 Feb 22nd, 2007 by OutdoorsFIRST 

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MuskieFIRST welcomes Steve Herbeck of Andy Myers Lodge back into the chat room! Thanks for joining us Steve! herbie: Glad to be here. Slamr: Steve can you tell us a bit about the history of Andy Myers, and your connection to the camp, how that started? herbie: ahhh, i can’t remember that far back! Seriously though, Andy Myers Lodge was around long before I left Wisconsin to come to Canada back in 94.muskie_man: Hey Herbie, what would be some good colors in bucktails/marabous tails in gin clear trout type water herbie: really I don’t think in clear water you can be beat black. Any color water for that matter, but it’s what the fish tell you is going on, but my first choice would be black to start. bulldawger: What is the biggest fish you think you’ve seen weight wise up there? herbie: Weight wise? Hard to tell, Ive had 50#ers in my arms 3 times and I have seen a couple that dwarfed them; only problem is you never see them again, except in nightmares Professional_Edge: Herbie have the folks up there followed the trend for bigger baits like in Minnesota? herbie: Followed? I think it is the other way around. rick: what size bucktail should one use in June? herbie: Well, the season doesn’t open until late June. But typically harassers, Bucher 600 series, stuff like that is OK to start with. However if it looks like fish have been off the spawn for 2-3 weeks, I wouldnt hesitate to go with the bigger tails.Slamr: Any theories on the why the biggest of the big girls rarely get caught, even though some true monsters are seen every year? herbie: Well, from what I’ve been able to get out of biologists is they are sterile most likely, or they would never had gotten that big so they rarely have to come shallow to warm. MuskyHopeful: Do you think Eagle fish deserve the reputation as followers, or is just a perception that feeds on itself? herbie: I think it’s a big excuse by most and something from years past. Anytime you got large numbers of big fish that eat deep most of the time, you’re going to get followers. muskihntr: Can you touch on a little bit of what sets you guys apart from other lodges on Eagle Lake as far as what you have to offer your guests? herbie: I think the fact that we CARE if you catch makes a difference and the fact that we spend a lot of time and energy putting on seminars. Every Saturday night we have a meeting where all guests in camp are told what has been working for Muskies, Walleye, Bass and Trout. What kind of structure they are being caught on, what lures are working and stuff like that.Jim_Stroede: Herbie, how often do you guys catch those leopard tigers? muskie_man: Is Eagle Lake more of a gin clear water lake or does it have some tint to it? herbie: Thats the beauty, everything from gin clear to coffee and everything in between–can get to any of it by boat, any day. muskihntr: When I recommend AML to folks, a lot of times they are intimidated as soon as I mention Eagle Lake, due to its size….what would you tell people who seem to shy away from the big water? herbie: Well eagle is actually like 4-5 separate lakes and basins, all acting independently of each other. If you want to run to the other end, its big, but it can also fish very small if you want it to. sworrall: Eagle has put out some HUGE fish lately, Is that because more good anglers are there, or something else? herbie: I’ve said for the past several years, the future is oh so bright. Any yr classes coming up besides the big fish already there Slamr: speaking of more bigger fish, do you think that the 54″ size limits are helping the populations of fish that much since its inception….or was C&R pretty prevalent before then? herbie: it’s genetics and lets face it c/r has really only been around for 12-15 yrs, what it takes for a fish to get 50″+ and also 54″ limit protects them from the cretins. The 54″ limit doesn’t make any more over 54″, but increases more successful spawning years because more it leaves more prime spawners are in the system. There are many 48″+ still in the system, but only a certain % have the ability to get that big. kreegz: Herbie… what color combos for bucktails do you recommend, especially in the heat of summer? herbie: Black, white Slamr: Talking seasonally, how do you approach the end of June, then through to summer? herbie: In late June, most fish still recouping from spawning.kreegz: Herbie… I spent a week on Eagle last year… late June, tons of follows… not many biters… how do you get those followers into biters? herbie: Move fast!!! You won’t see as many, but you will catch more. fish4musky1: Do you recommend this lake for a beginner musky angler? Someone not used to big water, bad boat control and so on? herbie: If an angler is a beginner, bad boat control etc., he should be spending time with someone who can teach that stuff, then it don’t matter and hed be a veteran much quicker. muskihntr: some much talk of chasing giants is awesome, but what about the guy who maybe brings his kid to catch his first ski, or the novice angler looking to put some numbers under their belt, do you guys got that covered, tooherbie: We were catching more fish and obviously bigger on Eagle versus our action lakes last season such as Indian Chain, Canyon, etc, so you tell me. mavmskyb8: What are the main differences between Eagle & LOTW? Or, are they similar? herbie: Nothing except they both have muskies. Every ecosystem is its own. Slamr: Was there a strong bulldawg bite on Eagle last year? And, if so, when did it start? herbie: No. W caught fish on ’em, but not the same as past years. It was a very strong bucktail bite. MuskyHopeful: would you say there is a best time of the year for beginners to tackle Eagle herbie: Augustsworrall: AML is really big on education, tell us what we can expect as a Muskie angler fishing out of AML. herbie: Marked maps. Heck, me and my guides tell guests the same day where big fish are working, up-to-date info as to patterns, presentations, etc.. After that, its still musky fishing! Slamr: A question that has been asked all over the muskie world is how and what to throw the double bladed “cowgirl” type lures. What setups are you and your staff using for the hard pulling bucktails? herbie: 7000 Series Reels, 8′ heavy rods and burn em baby, burn em! lambeau: What are the key things for a muskie fisherman that sets AML apart from other resorts on that section of Eagle Lake? herbie: We really do have a handle on whats going on, not generic crap, and are willing to share it as well as some of the best instinctive fisherman around add to the mix. Slamr: And I will add that the marked maps ARE where the guides are fishing. There are no secrets! sworrall: What is the best time to fish Eagle for the really big Muskies? herbie: When they are biting! I like the second week of August, the 15th through the first week of September and October. But it all depends on weather, water temps and sometimes no explanation, theyre just going. muskihntr: Do the lower water levels in past years on Eagle tend to hurt things, make them better or doesnt really matter?? herbie: Our best bite always come on lower water and warm summers. Cold, high water is almost always a killer.crackpot: What month do you consider to be the best topwater month? herbie: Mid-July Slamr: Do the moon periods really make that much of a difference on the bite, or is it all weather? herbie: If everything comes together, moons can make a difference. But to be honest, I spend little time worrying about it. Weather and timing are much more important. rick: What type of leaders and length and poundage would you recommend? herbie: I like floroleaders: 18-22′” 80-21 Slamr: If you were to recommend a top five lures for anyone going to Eagle mid- to late summer, what would they be? herbie: Cowgirl, topraider, suick, grandma, bulldawg. MuskyHopeful: Do you season the dredging flour for the Wednesday fish fry? That was really good. I bet I ate 2 pounds of fish. herbie: Yeah, but you dont want to know how or with what! Merckid: What are the things you recommend to people to help them with their figure 8’s, to convert more followers? herbie: Have the rod already in the water and start your turn while crankin when the bait is still out there, 15to 20 from the end of the rod tip.sworrall: You are also a jig fisherman, when would you throw a jig up there? You crack me up, by the way.herbie: You know, its tough to stick with jigs long for me in Canada, but I do throw back with them more than anything, or I feel Im fishing too slow up there. But maybe thats just me. MuskyHopeful: What do you see musky rookies do wrong the most while in your boat? herbie: Probably mostly not concentrating on what they are doing so when the time comes, they lock up like a deer in the headlights. MuskyHopeful: Those Eagle fish will frighten the unprepared. Slamr: When do you start using the livebait? And is it one in the water, or as a throw back to big follows? herbie: When water temps drop below 50 to 55 degrees is a good start in the fall as well as any time in the early summer till 70 degrees. If the live bait bite is hot, I run one. If not, just to work big fish that dont convert.Merckid: Steve, could you tell me about what kind of accommodations you may provide for those people not bringing a boat or do not own a boat? herbie: We supply 18 boats set up nice for those without boats. Large front deck, trolling motor, locator, etc., ready to rumble. crackpot: What would you say is the average size fish is caught out of your camp? herbie: On Eagle, if you average all year, probably 44-46″ sworrall: what’s the biggest Muskie out of AML? herbie: Weve had two that went 57″, but a ton 53-55″. Lets face it, just not many get much longer. sworrall: What’s the best way to contact you to book in at AML, Herbie? herbie: Give me a shout at (888) 727-5865 or my cell: (608) 574-5048 or email me at [email protected] And for more information, make sure to go to http://www.andymyerslodge.com.Slamr: MuskieFIRST thanks Steve Herbeck of Andy Myers Lodge for another great chat night!

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