Naze Baits Introduces New 7 Inch Model

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 Apr 4th, 2015 by OutdoorsFIRST 

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9″ Livid Fish and new 7″ Livid Fish

Naze Baits, the innovator behind the popular Livid Fish, is delighted to announce the addition of a new 7″ Livid Fish model to the line of Naze Baits lures. The new model is available in all the popular colors.

The new 7″ livid Fish is the ideal trolling and casting lure for trophy muskie. Fast action and excellent depth control offer a footprint that fishes much larger than its size, making the Livid Fish 7″ model perfect for trophy muskie destinations like  the Bay of Green Bay and St. Clair.

Perfect for Trolling

The Livid Fish’s superior action is accomplished in the body design, and as a result the lure has no lip to break or fail. The lure won’t blow out, because the lipless, nose down profile keeps the Livid Fish tracking straight and true at high speeds.

Trolling behind planer boards is easy and effective due to the lure’s low resistance in the water and rapid descent to running depth without having to create a long lead between the board and the lure. The 9″ model gets down quickly as deep as 20 feet, and holds the set depth consistently without the ‘roll out’ or ‘blow out’ common to many hard body trolling lures.

Hook up percentages are very high with the Livid Fish due to the body design, super hard and durable material, and perfect hook placement.

A great addition to your crankbait selection

The lure lends itself well to casting, too, because of low resistance and quick diving properties offered by the unique design. The 7″ Livid Fish was designed to offer casting enthusiasts an opportunity to use the Livid Fish in shallower waters. It casts like a projectile, handles easily, and produces big Muskies and other gamefish twitching, jerking, or using a straight retrieve. The figure 8 process is easy and flawless due to the Livid Fish’s lipless, straight tracking properties.

                                                                     Dave Holzmar

Muskie angler Dave Holzmar says,”The Livid fish is a great fishing lure; these are the 3 main reasons why I like to use them… SIZE, SHAPE & DEPTH! 1. SIZE…The 9″ lure is great for trolling over deep structure.  Its fast action gives the appearance of a larger lure.  BIG BAIT = BIG FISH!! 2.  SHAPE…The shape of the lure with “NO” bill, can get to the depth you need WITHOUT the pull.  Works great on planer boards! 3.  DEPTH…The Livid fish trolls to 20 FT.  The action and the speed of which this lure can be trolled is the reason they are so successful. These lures CAN be trolled up to 8 MPH!!”

 For more information or to purchase the new Livid Fish 7″ model, visit our retailers or the Naze Baits website at www.nazebaits.com.

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