The SPRO® Power Bucktail Custom Jig Stands Up Against Saltwater Gamefish

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 Sep 7th, 2021 by Keith Worrall 

Modified Sep 7th, 2021 at 2:44 PM

Kennesaw, GA (September 7, 2021) Loaded with features well beyond a standard bucktail jig, the SPRO® Power Bucktail Custom Jigs feature a durable construction and unique, highly attractive styling that will appeal to a wide variety of saltwater gamefish. Also, a lure is only as good as its hook. The Power Bucktail Custom Jig features a 4x-strong, extremely sharp Gamakatsu O’Shaughnessy hook that will stand up to crushing jaws and saltwater.
The body of the jig is made with a variety of materials to provide a varied, impressionistic outline. Tied with a combination of bucktail hair, vinyl strands, and long hackle feathers, the Power Bucktail Custom Jigs use this combination of materials to bolster the lure’s profile and create an enticing, highly reactive swimming action. The unique SPRO painted minnow-style head is clear coated for durability. The thick, pulsating bucktail gives the jig a fleeing, panicked baitfish look. Strands of vinyl rubber simulate the tentacles of shrimp. The addition of long, streaming saddle hackles makes one think of an escaping squid.

Saltwater anglers will find these custom bucktails to be perfect for sight casting applications for species like cobia and dolphin, while surf anglers will love them for stripers, snook, tarpon, and much more. Available in a surfeit of bright, vibrant colors, the Power Bucktail Custom Jig will have fish in the area sitting up and taking notice.

Power Bucktail Custom Jig Features:

Available in 8 custom colors
Feature bucktail, feather and vinyl materials in tail
Similar to custom cobia jigs


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