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                                                 March 2015 Newsletter

March 7 Customer Appreciation Day and Sale

On Saturday March 7 join us in our Minocqua store for the third annual Customer Appreciation Day. We are truly grateful for our friends who come from near and far to visit the shop. We are always happy to help with lure and equipment selections, talk fishing, and share stories. Stop by on Saturday the 7th and take advantage of 15% off all in store items. We’ll have snacks, hot dogs, and soft drinks on hand so be sure and bring your whole crew and get set up for the upcoming season.

Spring Fishing – Multi Species

For those of us in the northern musky range fishing starts long before the opening of the musky season. Many of us enjoy fishing bass, walleye, and panfish while waiting for the opener. Frankly there are a bunch who fish these other species all season long. New for 2015 the Musky Shop has dedicated a portion of our store and catalog to supporting multi-species fishing. We are carrying a good supply of new and in some cases “hard to find” lures and equipment. Be sure to check out our nice selection or Rapala Shadow Raps, Storm Arashi Crankbaits, Booyah Spinnerbaits and jigs, Yamamoto Senkos, and the ever popular Scum Frog series. Several of our staff guides are quite skilled at both bass and walleye fishing so don’t hesitate to pick their brains to get some of the latest info for tackling northwoods walleye and bass!

Free Cap & T-Shirt
Now through June 30 our friends at St. Croix are offering customers who purchase a rod with a value of $80 or more a free VIP cap and performance T-shirt. It couldn’t be easier. Just purchase your rod and visit the link on St. Croix’s page to collect free swag!

Early Season Musky

Some of our friends are already fishing muskies and many will be getting ready to fish soon. Here at the Musky Shop we carry a complete selection of lures for all seasons and locations. One of the hottest patterns for early season is lipless crankbaits and rattlebaits. Be sure to check out the many choices we have including Bill Lewis Supertraps, Bucher JB Rattlers, Windel’s Musky/Pike Snacks, and the newest hot bait the Chaos Pegassus. Try throwing these in warming water conditions and when musky and pike are aggresively chasing smaller baitfish.

Everything Old Is New Again

It may be hard to believe now but there was a time when bucktails had fallen on hard times. Most everyone had abandoned all but their few favorites and they had become relegated to a lure to use only when nothing else was working. Then, about 10 years ago bucktails came back into favor in a big way with the revolution started by the Musky Mayhem double bladed “Double Cowgirls”. Suddenly fishermen who seldom or never threw bucktails became converted. Meanwhile, what happened to our beloved old bucktails? Well, they never really went away and those who were fans of throwing “hair” quietly pursued their own variations. In the last few years we have started to see some exciting new versions of blade baits and fishermen are rediscovering the effectiveness of traditional bucktails along with the newest evolutions. Page through our 2015 catalog and see how many different combinations of blades and tails there are. Here are a few our staff and customers are excited about. Check out three different series from Esox Snax, Hirsch’s Ghosttail VIII, Shumway’s Bunny Bou, RJ Lures Esox Tiger Tail, and CS Lures Spinnerama 77 and Inline 5 to name a few. With all the choices and variety of bucktails on the market in 2015 we know you will find something that may become your own, new personal favorite.

Return of the Musky Shop Tournament

A number of years back the Musky Shop decided to discontinue the tournament series that Rollie Bessett had started. As disappointed as we and the participants were, there were a variety of valid reasons for that decision. We are very pleased and excited to announce that starting in 2015 we will again be hosting a Musky tournament right here in the beautiful Minocqua area. The “Splash for Cash” tournament will be held on June 6th. Teams will compete on 5 lakes for cash awards totaling $34,000.00 for a full field of 150 boats. For details and registration info please visit “Splash for Cash Tournament” on our website.

Spring Fishing Tip

Fish of nearly all species seek two things in the early season: warming water and emerging vegitation. On your early outings check out shallow dark bottom areas and incoming springs or creeks that bring warm water and oxygen into the system. Chances are you’ll put yourself in the best position for action no matter what species you’re targeting.

Musky Shop Guides

Here at the Musky Shop we are proud to be the home some of the best guides in the business. If you’re planning a trip to the northwoods and want to cut your learning curve or just let somebody else do the work of “finding the honey hole” these guys can do it. Call the shop for more information or check them out online at www.muskyshop.com. We’re sure you’ll be in for a very memorable day on the water.

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