Modern Day Muskellunge World Record Established

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 Feb 2nd, 2013 by OutdoorsFIRST 

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The International Committee of the Modern Day Muskellunge World Record Program (MDMWRP) is pleased to announce the acceptance of a recent muskellunge catch as its official world record. The capture of a 58-pound “muskie” by Joe Seeberger of Portage, Michigan on the 13th of October, 2012 from Lake Bellaire, Michigan has set the new modern standard for the World’s muskie anglers.

This modern day record program was formed in 2006 by a committee consisting of some of the worlds top muskellunge scientists, muskie industry leaders, muskie anglers and outdoor media personalities (www.modernmuskierecords.org).

The committee decided at that time to set a qualifying standard for muskellunge application at 60-pounds, rather than leave it “open” to minimize entries merely to establish a new modern record, important in these days of catch and release.

After seven years with no entries, several of our committee members got together and recommended that we consider the Seeberger fish, after the fact. The length of time that had passed with no fish entered in our program, indicated the real rarity of the species attaining such size. Our committee voted unanimously to slightly reduce the minimum weight requirement and begin the authentication process of the 58-pound Seeberger muskie. After a thorough three-month review to assure it met the stringent MDMWRP rules requirements for record, our esteemed committee members voted unanimously to accept this fish as the Modern Day Muskellunge World Record.

Therefore, we are honored to announce that the official weight and measurements of this grand fish are:

Weight: 58-pounds, Length: 58-inches* and Girth: 29-inches (full catch details will be available on our website: www.modernmuskierecords.org). The fish met all established standards except for the length claim, as the initial length measurement was not made in accordance with MDMWRP standards protocol. The fish was found to be one-inch shorter than the initial submitted length measurement of 59-inches.

It should be noted that our rules require a bump board style length measurement, which is in keeping with the practice of scientific length measurement and with most of today’s catch and release and tournament standards. Wide use and acceptance of this standard is of great value to the scientific community in determining the maximum obtainable size of North America’s largest freshwater sport species.

Joe Seeberger (center), with assistants Jason Orbeck and brother Chuck Seeberger and his 58-pound, 58-inch Muskellunge, a new Modern Day Muskellunge World Record. Donald Lash, Captains Choice Marine, photo

When Mr. Seeberger caught his muskie he was completely unaware of its significance. He was merely keeping it as a personal trophy that became the new Michigan State record for Great Lakes Strain Muskellunge. It is now the highly coveted MDMWRP world record champion as well! This International Modern Day Muskellunge record should constitute a highly credible all-tackle world record that is acceptable to legions of North American muskie anglers.

For more information, Contact: Steve Worrall, MDMWRP Public Relations Director: email
[email protected] or Larry Ramsell, MDMWRP Committee Chairman: email [email protected]

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