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 Sep 7th, 2014 by OutdoorsFIRST 

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Water temps are slowly dropping as daylight hours get shorter and night time hours get longer now averaging in the low 60’s signaling the approach of Fall. No bugs, beautiful Fall colors, seasonally temperate weather with peaceful and uncrowded lakes. It’s just a great time to be in the North woods and the personal choice of many seasoned anglers. Best of all this period and drop in temps stimulates a bite that is often the best of the entire season, especially for trophy fish. We are already seeing it and there will be little if any turnover effect at all with the cooler water temps and the resulting relative lack of thermoclines this year.

Since mid Aug and last report the big news was the Musky’s have been on one of the best and most consistent bites of the season and last 2 weeks many fish 45- 55″ have been boated. Depending upon weather which is always a factor when it comes to Musky’s it has been more common than not for guides to encounter 10-15 fish a day, hook or have bite 3-8, and land 2-6 with most fish 40″-50″ and on up. It’s really starting to light up and the prediction from last report looks right on. The best of the season is here and coming . Bill Hedden went out this a.m. and boated 6 in less than 2 hrs up to 50″ within sight of camp, and he’s approaching 40 fish for his stay with 4 – 50″+. The Wilderness Lodge group had 17 this week with the biggest 55″ in 4 days. Some of the weed beds are now starting to deteriorate but many are still holding fish and as we move into pre turnover and cooling water do not be afraid to get up into and try what we call “froggy” water, brown tobacco cabbage and junk weeds up shallower than most would fish and it can even be the pattern of the day especially under sunny conditions. That being said most are fishing and the majority of fish are being encountered on rocky shorelines of island clusters, points, bars, and humps at all depths from up tight to well off the break depending upon the weather, degree of grade to the break, and presence of bait fish or not. As far as bait selection it hasn’t changed a lot. A bit of everything but mostly Blades and Crank baits off the rocks and Blades, jerks, and some Top water up skinny. Bottom line, right now if you get out and mix it up both with structures and a bit with baits you will likely make contact with fish and as stated previously the prediction is Sept to mid Oct will be one of the best falls in years. It’s already starting early but as water temps approach and drop below 50 big Northern Pike will show up shallow with more and more consistency in same areas and on same structures as Musky’s with fish up to and over 40″ common.

Walleyes have not really changed a lot since last 2 reports but there are a few to be aware of. Catches have continued to be very good and consistent with all age classes from eaters to trophy size fish. The avg. depth ranges off the reefs and hard bottom transition to mud areas have slowly dropped a bit deeper into the 28-35’+ range. For consistent success as water temps go down the importance of big live bait increases even more. As water temps drop into the high 50’s next week or so there will be spotty weed edge bites starting and watch for a good pm bite to develop shallower especially where you find sand grass at 12-18′ on gradually tapering edges of flats. The up high suspended bite is and will probably continue to deteriorate and trolling Crank bait patterns will be related to deeper edges day time and up shallower pm.

Smallmouth Bass this last week were very good for Ron Barefield and John Stone. Really it was the first in some time actually since late June/early July to spend any amount of time specifically concentrating for them on eagle. They spanked the fish in timber and rock weed combos at 3-6′ and they also found them moving up on top of shallow humps in main lake basin areas already which is several weeks ahead of schedule. This is another indicator of an excellent Fall bite ahead of us for all species. Fish were of all sizes with a big average of 16″-18″ and largest at 23″ and 6#+. Plastics like Sinkos rigged wacky, flukes, and tubes were best presentations. Once the water gets to low 50’s and below the bite on main lake humps and bars can be incredible with big numbers of large robust fish at 12-18′ and concentrations of fish within relatively small areas of turns and points. Then it is tough to beat a big 4-6″ lively sucker on jigs and rigs though drop shot and jigged plastics will take fish too. It is the best trophy bass fishing of the season and more and more are capitalizing on it every season as the word gets out. Typically the time from around Sept 12- Oct 10th or so is prime for peak action.

Lake Trout season closes end of Sept because they are one of the few Fall spawners and right now they are moving into their pre spawn feeding mode. They will not be shallow yet but will be bunched up and aggressive. Look for them along deep rock walls, tight turns and points along steep shorelines, and deep saddles between points or bars. Since they are generally bunched up at 60-100’with schools of whitefish vertical presentations like jigging kastmasters or pimples, jigs with sucker strips or gulp minnows and flukes or tubes will attract both. This has been some fast and exciting action. Use braided or fused line with a Floro leader for better strike detection and hook sets. Trolling spoons and minnow baits or cowbells will also take fish.

It has been a GREAT SEASON so far and there is a full 6 weeks left to get in on and be part of a great finish. Give us a call at 888 727 5865 or e-mail [email protected] for info or to check for availability remaining and watch the fishing report board at www.andymywerslodge.com and LIKE Facebook at www.facebook.com/AndyMyersLodge to stay updated for recent pics, reports, and happy anglers.


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