If a picture is worth a thousand words, what’s the video worth?

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 Mar 26th, 2013 by OutdoorsFIRST 

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Sure as we sit here today, the next world record is waiting to be caught. And the likelihood of this event being documented on video continues to grow! 

V.I.O., the leader in wearable video technology continues to redefine the category it created, boasting features that specifically cater to the Muskie angler.  When you are on the hunt for the a fish of a lifetime, make sure you do all you can to preserve the event to more than your memory or a still photo – make sure you choose the VIO POV.HD as your boat partner .

We all know the secret; the nastier the weather; the closer you are to a multi fish day. The POV.HD’s ruggedized design can battle everything the sport throws at it. The system’s waterproof and shockproof construction earns it a spot next to your boat’s most trusted electronics; it can even be hard-wired in.

The POV.HD has an exclusive pre-record feature called “Loop Mode”. Here’s how it works – your recorder can be set to make video “loops”.  After an event, simply press the tag button and the previous 10 minutes will be saved. Perfect for a sport that involves long periods of inactivity punctuated with short bursts of adrenaline, teeth, and slime.  Muskie anglers usually choose a 10-minute loop setting, and the user can customize the length of loop they wish to record.

With the VIO POV HD every strike will be captured, and you will even have recordings of misses, lost fish, and follows!  Oh, did we mention that the camera head is waterproof?  This means getting one-of-a-kind underwater shots of follows, boat side strikes, and releases is now easily accomplished.  At the end of the day, no more going through hours of video to get the nuggets of excitement, clips of the action are all you will have, and they are easily downloaded and shared via PC.

Production-grade video at a point & shoot price, the POV.HD is a full system that features a “live view” LCD screen to compose your shot, it also allows for in-the-field playback & editing. Quick keys activate the menu screen and easily adjust the exposure controls & advanced features. Visit www.vio-pov.com to learn more.

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