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 Jun 25th, 2017 by OutdoorsFIRST 

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It has been a great season so far with accom. levels at a historic all time high from May opener on to present and wonderful, happy guests.

Water levels may appear to be just a tad bit high compared to past few yrs. but in reality they are actually at what would previously be considered a normal level. Current water temps avg. 61-65 degrees depending on section of the lake. After a warm first part of June and water temps reaching low 70’s the mid-month to current period has been a bit cooler with some wind dropping temps to current levels from the 70’s several weeks ago. Fishing has been very good and consistent throughout for all species and only getting better and better especially for walleyes, bass, and now muskies.

Walleyes have been outstanding with very few hiccups. Quite simply guides/guests are consistently reporting catches avging 50 – 150+ fish days. They have been up to very recently in two main patterns and moving forward patterns will be changing some but in many areas to some degree on some days these will still be THE pattern to look for:

1) 5-14′ on emerging grass/weed flats even better when combined with a few windblown rocky points or boulders and…

2)  4-18′ shallower rock bars in transition areas between spawning areas and main lake basis. The primary presentations have been…

1) jigs and minnows/jumbo leeches in just about any situation, and or jigs/plastics like a combo of Bait Rigs Odd Ball jigs or darters and Kalin’s Jerk Minnow when you find a group of hot shallow fish which usually will coincide with a smaller area of windblown structure…

2) Spinner rigs and minnows or crawlers, and crankbaits like #5-7 flicker shads, shad raps, etc. when fishing larger areas of weed/mud flats or rocky shoals.  In just the past few days there has been a rapid and large movement occurring of walleyes and on avg. slightly bigger than the flats fish to main lake basin rock structures at generally 18-28′.  This movement will only get stronger moving forward as the season progresses in the next few weeks into some of the best, consistent, and most predictable walleye fishing of the season.  Jigs are still a go to but the king of presentations in these situations especially on the smaller, deeper rock bars on Eagle is the lindy or Carolina rig and large minnows and or crawlers.  Bottom bouncers and spinner rigs/crawlers will catch fish on the larger structures and flats off of them also. While walleye fishing has been excellent the very best and biggest avg. size and trophy potential fishing is quickly on its way. A bonus this season has been some great catches of jumbo 10-12″ perch. Numbers of Northern Pike will also be bunching up on these main lake structures soon also as water temps rise into the 70’s.

Smallmouth Bass are starting to move off their beds and scattering/roaming along rock rubble, drowned wood, and emerging reed / weed combo shorelines but still near spawning bay areas. Kalin’s Jerk Minnows Texas rigged in the thickest reed/weed/wood cover, tubes, X-raps, pop R’s, and spinnerbaits have been seeing guided catches of bass with regular catch rates of 30-50 big 16-21″ avg. sized fish on Eagle and 100+ fish avg. 14-18″ on 4wds. There has been very little competition for this amazing and oft overlooked fishery that quite frankly can compete with the very best in the country especially for heavy built avg. size, lack of competition, and in recent yrs. An exploding pop. In numbers of big avg. sized fish also.

The long awaited Musky season, the king of fresh water, the species Eagle Lake and Andy Myers Lodge is world famous for finally opened last Sat. June 17. With the dropping water temps of over 10 degrees from previous weeks it was expected the opener week would be quite a bit slower than normal. Hardly. Though #’s of daily sightings/follows were on avg. down a bit with the dropping, cooler water temps (follows are hard to take pictures of anyway, ha!) actual catch rates were good for those pursuing them.

Top catches for the week were Englese 55″, 42,43, Anderson 48.5, 52″, Opperman’s 36,42,43×2,46,48″, Chris Rust 50.5, 42.5, Chisholm 41,42,43 Reid 45″, Dembowski 49″. As always a couple jumbos 52-54″ + were lost with finicky nipping fish but hey, that’s fishing. The major pattern with the falling water temps was smaller #8 Musky Mayhem, Spanky, and Handlebar blades, for hard baits Livingston lures Headhunter and Darters, Grama’s, and Bucher Shallow Raiders on shallow rocks near and out towards main lake basins from spawning areas. During extended sunny stretches emerging weeds kicked in also. Any areas with lots of smaller size walleyes are also key. Just a hint; it looks like it is going to be a good season!!!

For those of you still thinking of a getaway or a second trip the camp is full into Sept. with limited availability remaining Sept. 14 – Oct. 31 though please give a call or e-mail if those don’t work in case a last minute cancellation has made an accom. available for you.

We are already well into an exciting season and for those of you already booked we look forward to seeing you and those contemplating a trip we assure you will receive the best service in the industry, spotless accommodations, excellent equipment, some of the best fishing in NW Ontario, and most importantly, many memories.

Steve Herbeck,  Prop. emeritus, Master staff guide, guest fishing instruction coordinator

For more  information or to make your reservation please contact:
Julian Kalka, proprietor:



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