Lake of the Woods MN Fishing Report 12/13

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 Dec 13th, 2022 by sworrall 

Modified Dec 13th, 2022 at 4:01 PM

On the south end… Ice fishing is in full swing.  Initial fishing reports are good with a nice mix of walleyes and saugers.  In true Lake of the Woods fashion, it is a mixed bag with eelpout, jumbo perch, pike, tullibees and even some huge sturgeon mixed in.

Most fishing is taking place in 22 – 27′ of water.  Using the one – two punch of a jigging rod in one hole and a deadstick with a live minnow in the second hole is working well.

Before vehicles are allowed on the ice, resorts / outfitters provide transportation to their fish houses using light ice rigs for convenience and safety.  Communicate with your resort or outfitter for details.

Work through resorts and outfitters on the ice, stay on the marked trails for safety, please don’t exceed weight limits and drive slowly on the ice.

Please remember to Keep It Clean, pick up everything around you and secure your garbage.

On the Rainy River   The Rainy River is frozen up and some ice fishing is taking place.  Most are targeting walleyes and saugers with mixed results.  A few are targeting Lake Sturgeon through the ice with some nice dinosaurs iced and released!  

Ice conditions vary and on the river there is current, so much like the lake, we encourage visitors to work through a resort or outfitter for safety.  

Up at the NW Angle… Resorts have been monitoring ice conditions, staking trails and placing fish houses.  Some resorts have begun ice fishing with others traditionally starting around the holidays.  Initial fishing reports are very good.  Stay in touch with your favorite NW Angle resort for further info.

The snowmobile trail from the Wheeler’s Point area up to the Angle is marked and open.

Driving through Canada to reach the Angle no longer requires COVID vaccinations or the use of the ArriveCan App (which is optional).

For those looking to access the Angle while avoiding customs, there are few options.  

1.  When ice conditions allow, the snowmobile trail will be groomed and staked from the south shore up to the Angle.

2.  The Lake of the Woods Passenger service provides round trip bombardier service across the lake.  

3.  Lake Country Air provides air service to both the south end and NW Angle.

A complete list of lodging, fish house rentals and sleeper fish house rentals at www.LakeoftheWoodsMN.com/Lodging.

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