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 Sep 20th, 2022 by Keith Worrall 

Modified Sep 20th, 2022 at 10:48 AM

On the south end... Lots of walleyes being caught on LOW. September is a transition month with the shorter days, colder water temps and walleyes often transitioning. Once you are on them, they are normally very cooperative.

Once again this week, walleyes are being caught using a few different techniques. Drifting or trolling spinners, jigging and trolling crankbaits.

As the season progresses, a jig and minnow will be the goto presentation. That hasn’t happened quite yet, but there are a lot of walleyes caught jigging.

Good numbers of fish are still being caught pulling spinners. Normally, 1.0 – 1.25 mph, pulling your presentation through numbers of fish. This technique covers water and can be used around structure.

Trolling crankbaits can be effective literally all year long in the open water. The key, getting your baits down to the fish using lead core line, downriggers, snap weights, a 4 ounce bottom bouncer with a 6′ mono or fluoro leader, etc. Lots of ways. Then dial in speed, color, size of crank, etc. It’s a fun formula to figure out and is catching a lot of fish.

On the Rainy River… More and more walleyes in the river this week. Water levels have dropped as has the current. Anglers reporting nice fish both in Four Mile Bay and the river, but these fish are moving around and not necessarily consistent. They may be in the bay one day and swim up river the next.

Jigging with a frozen shiner or trolling cranks in the river catching walleyes.

Sturgeon activity is picking up as water cools. Various sized fish being caught with some mixed in beasts near 70 inches. Most fishing the holes of the river. A 3 – 4 ounce weight with lower current has been sufficient combined with a sturgeon rig loaded with crawlers.

Fall is a great time to take your own boat on the small water of the Rainy River and cash in on good fall fishing!

Up at the NW Angle… Walleye fishing has been great all year. Walleyes are being caught using the three techniques mentioned above. Some fishing MN waters, others venturing amongst the Ontario side of the lake. Good fish being caught on both sides.

North and Northeast of Little Oak over the deep mud of Little Traverse Bay continues to hold good numbers of walleyes. Scattered schools of fish over the deep mud of Little Traverse Bay.

Typical structure holding walleyes. Points, rock islands, sunken islands, neck down areas, etc. With over 14,000 islands, lots of spots and lots of fish.

Muskie anglers reported an active week of fishing. With colder water, it should get even better.

Various ways to travel to the Angle.

1. Drive through Canada to the Angle (must be vaccinated, no covid test required)

2. LOW Passenger Service (charter boat service across the lake avoiding customs)

3. Lake Country Air (fly from various Midwest locations to LOW and NW Angle, no customs)

4. Take your own boat. (Safety first, this is a 40 mile ride over big water, no customs)

A complete list of lodging, guide and charter boat trips at www.LakeoftheWoodsMN.com/Lodging.

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