Lake of the Woods MN Fishing Report 12/12/23

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 Dec 12th, 2023 by sworrall 

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On the south end…   Ice continues to form and make progress on Lake of the Woods.  A strong NW wind this week pushed ice up to the south shore, getting rid of some open water.  The hopes are the colder temps will lock everything in.  Resort ice guides are monitoring ice thickness, staking trails where there is ample ice and flying drones over the forming ice to stay on top of current conditions.

Back bays are locked up and there is some spearing for pike taking place.  Ice conditions even in back bays vary, so for safety, please work through resorts and outfitters.
Lake of the Woods covers a big area.  When a resort or outfitter gives the green light, that is for the specific area of ice they are traveling and fishing on.  Conditions can vary greatly from one area to another,so it is important to work through resorts and outfitters in the area you plan on fishing and pay attention to weight restrictions.
In many cases during early ice conditions, resorts will shuttle anglers back and forth to resort fish houses

On the Rainy River…   The Rainy River is ice covered.  Local resorts and ice guides are monitoring ice conditions in areas of the river they offer ice fishing.  Varying ice conditions, work through a resort for safety when access is allowed.
Up at the NW Angle…  Angle ice is coming along well.  Outfitters and ice guides have been marking ice trails and some local traffic is taking place with ATV’s, etc.  The ice roads and trails are not open yet, but much of the ice has frozen smooth and is coming along very nicely.Some scouting to check spots for walleyes is taking place by ice guides with nice results.  Resorts will communicate when fishing begins.

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